Shooting a video in the Saechsishe Schweiz

in music •  5 months ago


When we first saw the Saechsishe Schweiz, we couldn't believe we were still in Germany. The landscape, complete with unique rock formations, mountainous terrain and medieval structures, seems like something from another world. Moved by the sea of green and beauty of the place, it made for the perfect place to shoot a video!

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you're gonna be there in july, right ? vrijdagmarkt ?

i wanna selfie

in the name of steemit

and social integration heh heh



Yes @rudyardcatling!! Look forward to meeting a fellow Steemian


lets have some fun, have my 4 cent vote

i believe in the power of the question

but people like you are the mass i drive

without you there 's no impact


lets do that

i'm a lot more agreeable irl

wow real scenic

Woow! nice view.

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Lovely landscape

Who is Saechsishe Schweiz


It's not "who", it's "where".... It is an area on the German/Czech border east of Dresden

@thetroublenotes wow you guys are chosen a great place for your video recording!!! Like it bro keep posting!!!

Thanks for upvote

Thank you for the vote to my post

Looks like you guys were having fun. Steem on))

Looks like a nice spot. Thanks for the inspiration guys. I will try to go there someday.
By opportunity I will watch your vids

Beautiful place and amazing people.

Sir will sing the song on the nature stage and the song will come forth only. The atmosphere of peace creates a harmony in nature. The mind is fascinated. You are singing the best stage of the world, there is no need for music. Nature will give music itself. Thank you so much for you.IMG_20180630_080735.jpg

nice scenery, good luck in making videos.

Thanks a lot bro for upvote may post i give u back

I wish I could listen to your music in this beautiful scenery.💗

Nice video. Thank you for stoping by my blog.

Beautiful place