Music Travel Series: Original music on the streets of Vaduz, Lichtenstein

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Vaduz, Lichtenstein - 24th July, 2018

We have been traveling around Europe for years and have always been intrigued by Lichtenstein. It is located in between Switzerland and Austria, and is the 4th smallest country in Europe with roughly 38,000 inhabitants. Vaduz, the capital city, is the home to the country's royal family and parliament.

On our way from southern Germany to Imperia, we had to drive briefly through Lichtenstein, so this was finally our moment to make a short stop in Vaduz and lay our eyes on the the town. At the heart of the tiny city is a main high road where there are cafes, shops, the beautiful municipal building and cathedral of St Florin. It was a scorching hot summer afternoon and not many people were walking around the town, so busking was not much of an option, but we decided to film a quick video in the heart of the city to give you a sense of what our experience in Vaduz was like.

The song is an original called "Boddah". Enjoy a nice moment in Lichtenstein!

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Fantastic music! Beautifully haunting and then uplifting. Leichtenstein is one place I would love to visit.

nice music...wonderful video...thanks for sharing with us

A joyful heart is good medicine,a good music piece like yours is good medicine to the soul. Do have a blissful trip in the rest of your tour

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Amazing music. Really I appreciate your skills.
Beautiful scenario, beautiful video.
You guys Rock.
Thanks a lot for sharing such a wonderful video.

I upvoted u plz up vote my post...

This is nice!! Keep doing what you guys doing !!! <3

Music saz is very comfertable good photography

it's really good . music voice also good

wow, such wonderful music! it goes straight to the heart (and the legs) :-)

Enjoyed this..

This is very nice and you guys are very passionate about what you are doing. Keep up the good work!!

This is really good. Love it! At certain angles the guitarist looks like Ed Sheeran ... is it?? 😆

beautiful sound and unique combination of instruments

Thank you for participating in the event.

@thetroublenotes, thanku for your upvote.

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@thetroublenotes, music is medicine of all pain.

Great to know this.

i loved the tune played by person holding volin...n thanks for sharing this vedio with us 🙂

Fantastic music

what a nice music and performance!!!
I wish I can see you guys in real!!!
do you guys also have youtube channel? or only using dtube and dlive?
following you to see your next music travel!!

Good vibes! Give us more live music.

vote for vote

Wao awesome beautiful splendid outstanding I really like that fun dear