EPIC Violin Improvisation from the Culture Bunker in Berlin, Germany

in music •  4 months ago

5th July, 2018 - Berlin, Germany

Only a few days ago we were hosting a small "secret" concert in a former WWII bunker in Berlin. The space has since been redesigned with the intention to create and foster beauty from a space with a dark history. After completing our soundcheck, I had a bit of time to kill and started playing around with a loop station. An epic melody had been bouncing around my mind for the past week and it transformed into a massive improvisation. A moment of the improv was captured on camera and I felt I had to share it with you!

Enjoy Steemians and Thanks for listening!

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Which is the epic music.
Plz reply


Absolutely brilliant man, if you get a chance take a look at some of My Improv

pls response me

Nach gefühlte 100.000 Versuch konnte ich Endlich einen Browser finden um die Impro hören zu können.
Ich finde die Melodie sehr schön, wird es auf einem Album veröffentlicht werden?

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very nice bro..

Ziemlich cool! Ist aber eine Elektro-Violine, oder?


Ja genau! Das ist von Geigenbaumeister Jeff Straton. www.stratton-violin.com

Wow keren Bro.... I like it. I want to recite my poetry with your music. Regards from Indonesia. :-D

Beautiful sound ! I love it when someone plays the violin

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