Troubel Cover: Ed Sheeran's "Shape of Your" from the gallery of Dominique Malabry

in music •  5 months ago

August 2018 - France

We were asked to do a cover of the "song of 2017" as a special dedication to Emanuelle and Marc and their long future together. We quite liked our version so we decided to film it Dominique Malabry's Gallery in western France.

Enjoy Steemians!

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This is a great song. You guys present it very well and compose it different than the original singer. I love to hear it very much and you guys have talent. I am sure Emanuelle and Marc will appreciate the effort. Great job guys.


@oliviackl Thank you! Emanuelle and Marc loved our version and we took great pleasure from being a part of their special wedding day :D

One of my favourite song of Ed Sheeran's. Absolutely brilliant. Great job guys. I love the apartment too. Stylishly furnished. Great artworks too.

@thetroublenotes I really liked it!
I wish you continued success!
I was able to listen only to ▶️ DTube
Listen to ▶️ IPFS I did not work, I do not know why ...

U are so cool 😎😎

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I love that song and love its version more .. sincerely spectacular .. Keep it up guys sound great together. Greetings @thetroublenotes

Hey this is very cool, I love what the gallery looks like jajajaja, have a great feeling guys, great version of Sheran. Greetings.

too beautiful the sound the environment as I would like to hear it live too much talent I'm speechless @thetroublenotes

that is really amaizing.

I really like her music, she gives a lot of good vibes when listening to her. I leave you good wishes and blessings on your way.
Good energy.


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Great team, you guys have there! The instruments played out really well together, it was so nice watching (and listening) to you guys play together...
You guys chose a really nice spot also, I love the feel around there...

Guys, that was awesome. One question though, did the cajon have a castanet on it? I've seen one with a set of slap reeds, but never a castanet. That was pretty slick and added a good bit of flare to the percussion side.

I absolutely love how laid back you guys are, even the doggy is happily napping there :) And I love this song! I've never heard it played this way before with the violin and the drum and the guitar, so thank you very much for sharing it with us. It is such cool song to begin with and I like your version too :)

howdy from Texas thetroublenotes! hey that is some darn good violin playing there guy and some darn good music making there guys!
Loved it, I don't hear the violin played that much especially in such a skilled way, and I loved the setting with the great artwork and that dog! lol. the dog was very soothed by your playing!
That song is somewhat familiar but did you change it alot to make it your own sound or am I off?

Hi @thetroublenotes,

Love everything about this! A great version of the song. Nice to see your performance didn't disturb the dong one bit!

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