First on DTube: A little beauty on the banks of the Seine (Paris, France)

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Yes Steemians! This one we are really proud of. On an "off" day in Paris we caught up with our friend Ewen and walked around the center of the city. On a whim, we thought it would be a great idea to climb down to the banks of the Seine and shoot a video with the Parisian skyline in the backdrop. What resulted is really something special.

Watch the full video here on DTube FIRST! Thanks for listening. If you like our music and want to hear more, follow our account and upvote this video.

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Awesome guys! You're getting there @thetroublenotes. Finally starting to see some of the work pay off here on Steem ;)

Come catch @thetroublenotes and their music playing in the Five Star Entertainment Community Discord Server!!!

I haven't understood much about D-Tube , can we post someone else video from You tube to D-tube, if yes than which categories guide me little bit

I suggest you get informed a bit before you start uploading anything. In all(?) jurisdictions you are only allowed to upload material that you own the rights to completely. Although it is difficult to remove content from DTube it is technically possible by hitting the servers hosting the videos but the links stored on the blockchain cannot be deleted. if you upload copyrighted material you might be held responsible for it down the line and you are not able to undo your "bad" deed.
As an introduction you might want to take a look at @kevinli video about DTube etiquette which I mostly agree with:

I think you are right one should stay with original content, who know one might fall into problem in near future better to stay safe thank you very much for the information

You're welcome. Feel free to upvote if you found it helpful ;)

Music is a source of gladness of wise people, it is able to cause good ideas in people, it deeply gets to his consciousness and easily changes dispositions and consuetudes.Your post pleased me :)

Wow, unexpected to see @thetroublenotes are also on Steemit! I remember you guys from playing several locations in Berlin. Great performance and cool vid once more!

Hey @Cryptostysteem - Yes we still are "based" in Berlin when we're not on the road! Steem has been great to us so far, we're excited to really grow with the community.

I listened out of curiosity and was amazed. It's a joy listening to you. Have resteemed and followed. The feed was uneven--kept stalling. I don't know if that was my computer. Have also looked you up on youtube.

@agmoore - that's great mate! I think that the problems with the stream may have been related to the hosting nodes. That still happens sometimes with DTube, but always improving! Appreciate the follow on YT as well.

One thing I know about music is that it heals.
It relieves one from stress because there is magic in the composition of music especially the combination of the notes and rhythm.
To you and the rest of the musicians in the world big ups

Hey @alioni thanks for this. We agree. Our whole mission is to bridge cultures and heal divides with our music. Thanks for understanding.

Am humbled my fellow steemians and i appreciate and receive your thanks

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Live music program really excellent.I like it.


it sounds exactly like it looks like ..

What a wonderful way to start my day. Stunning performance , stellar composition. The beautiful background was an added bonus. Congratulations!

So cool brother

Nice one

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it is a beautiful landscape, a clean river and a clear sky. I really like that @thetroublenotes

I once said that music is magic,,, believe it I love that tune

You guys are good enough than good. The violinist is awesome.

music in all times had a feature of upbringing, despite the fact that who is listening. without music anywhere

Nice, fits the setting guys

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wow, nice brooo @thetroublenotes



Good post do not forget updates have me thank you

Love the music and setting. I heard that people who listen to music together stay together longer :)

We've now heard that too. Beautiful words :)

Wow instantly fell in love with this song. I really enjoy this sound.

Really nice song guys! This would be a site to see and hear for sure while being Paris.

Also, the video is well made.

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luar biasa

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Beautiful video

@thetroublenotes Bravo !! Standing Ovation.......... If it was not for me doing my very first post on STEEPSHOT this evening I would have never heard your Great Music. You UP voted my post and I came here to find out about you and your Content. Follow and a Re-Steem. this is why I Love STEEMIT...........

Hey @Stokjockey - thanks for the love! We are in love with Steemit too. Happy to be a part of the community.

Very interesting friends

Awesome! just loved the energy! such a beautiful view and such a great music!

It's too good to not resteem

brought a joyful tear to my eyes. thank you~*

Cool relaxed atmosphere playing music beside the river and the wind making romantic atmosphere for the player and sipendengar music sunguh-sunguh beautiful

Such a lovely setting for a wonderful tune!


Beautiful playing. Very cool locations that you are all playing at.

Well ... that was just fantastic:)

awesome m8 , I am glad that you upvote my post . If not maybe I would never hear this song

@ulsarthegreat that's why we love steem! Happy to be in the community with you.


I read on InFact that couples that listen to music together stay together longer. I love to outside setting as well as the music!

Good job guys, keep it up. The violinist is incredible! Sounds really clear and nice :)

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Great shot

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