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It is raining outside, the wind is blowing and the bed bugs are causing havoc across the city.
In one of the richest cities in the world the streets are filthy, so filthy in fact that on the wet and windy days the garbage flows with the weather.

I don't want to complain too much. Life is here to be lived but it gets to me that New York city the apple of the eye can't even get itself cleaned up. If it was in Europe cleanliness would be priority.

During a conversation with an interesting person this weekend I learned a little bit of history. The opinion goes like this. Every land that the British have invaded they have always tried hard to leave a well running government system in place with some sort of infrastructure to keep the place running once the troops are out, examples of old British colonies are plenty...

As I say an opinion not a fact, I was then told some more opinions of US invaded places and asked to ponder on the comparisons... Any thoughts?

Besides getting into heavy conversations about colonialism and enjoying the dirty city that is New York I've also been productive this week, as well as dropping a tune (choon! Love Got You Under) last week, I also found time to knock up some drum and bass for my amusement and of course for those that like that kinda thing... Check it out here..

Also a friend in the UK has just messaged me as I write this, he has dropped a song on soundcloud, as of writing I haven't listened, its at
See if you get there before me!!

Enjoy the week, I'll be at home sheltering from the rain studying Python!

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