Poll:70 Do you like music with no lyrics?

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A lot of times we walk around not being aware that music is playing in the background but most of it might be piano or elevator music not much beat or pump and jump but it fills the empty silence between walks or waits. I know some people might actually like this style of low profile but others would prefer something more live whats you opinion?

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Poll:70 Do you like music with no lyrics?

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#Poll:70 Do you like music with no lyrics?

the man who tried to sample the sound of ants walking on sand

Tom Jenkinson


its one of the simple, more digestible tunes, the man grew up on obscure basslines like jaco pastorius

when it comes to music he's like one of my absolute masters

even more than shadow and odilon

Yes , I love trance and other instrumental music without lyrics

Music is independent of language. So no matter what the lyrics is, it is beautiful always