Who's Got Vinyl? Shaun Phillips - Second Contribution

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Continuing on @rossfletcher 's theme I hope to work my way through my vinyl collection over the next few years, sharing the cover art and the vinyl label as well. If the album sleeve has artwork I shall share that as well. I will also include a track from each side

Shaun Phillips had a cult following amongst the young people in our country in the 1970’s. No commercial hits at all yet almost all of us ‘in’ kids knew every lyric of each song.

Shaun Phillips - Second Contribution

His follow up to his debut album Contribution this for me was his best album.

Woman (She was waiting for her mother at the station in Torino and you know I love you baby but its getting too heavy to laugh) - Side One



Steel Eyes - Side Two


I reckon a bonus track is called for ..... just because I enjoyed the first two so much !!

Song for Sagitarrians

We are trying to establish a vinyl community here.... so if you own vinyl, still listen to vinyl or even remember vinyl... share some of your collection under the #vinyljunkies tag in any format you like.

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My mom used to have a MASSIVE LP collection and we were just chatting the other day at how SILLY she was to just throw it all away :(


May I please add to that and say how REALLY REALLY silly she was to just throw it all away {sob}


indeed you may! lol
...@lizziesworld.... explain yourself... haha


Oh no?! 😱

@themagus, really didn't know this one. Gonna listen to Shaun when I got back home tonight. Thanks for sharing! Always nice to discover some new hidden gems.