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I am going to dedicate this post to my little sister who is always looking out for my soul. {friendly wave to Dawn}…. While working out this morning listening to music on my Ipod the following number came on …. Which set my mind to thinking how many other rock songs contained non-blasphemous religious lyrics. It sure took my mind off running around a 60 meter loop 50 times ….

This track gave me the idea for this post…. Jesus by Queen from their 1972 album simply titled Queen
I am sure I should know more, but the only other one I came up with is this ‘play me really very loud’ number by Black Sabbath ….

After Forever off the 1971 album Masters of Reality

And then I am afraid I fell down the music rabbit hole… {sigh} …happens all the time..and then my day was two hours shorter..

I came across the first album released by Sabbath after the departure of Ozzie Osborne…Heaven and Hell with the legendary Ronnie James Dio on vocals, released in 1980.

This was new to me having somehow missed it at the time… I think probably because I had discovered girls … a different kind of sound altogether

The title track Heaven and Hell …. track starts slowly … but sure hits its straps further in

>The world is full of Kings and Queens, Who blind your eyes and steal your dreams
It's Heaven and Hell, oh well
And they'll tell you black is really white, The moon is just the sun at night
And when you walk in golden halls, You get to keep the gold that falls
It's Heaven and Hell, oh no!
Fool, fool!
You've got to bleed for the dancer!
Fool, fool!
Look for the answer!
Fool, fool, fool!
Lyrics Credit

While listening I was reading some of the comments and came across this cracker comment…. Man, can I relate !!

A son said to his father, "Dad, why did we spend $20,000 on a stereo with a Mcintosh amp?" The dad replies. "son hold my beer, prepare to shit your pants and get ready to meet Dio."

Dio referring to Ronnie James Dio …. Thank you Fox Blue River for the comment.

Can you think of any other mainstream Rock bands who feature religious lyrics? Please feel free to share in the comments below...

As always, thanks for stopping by and for the support. Appreciated


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