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Are you starting to feel the weekend approaching? Thursdays when most of the plans for the weekend are firmed up .... party invitations accepted ... restaurant bookings made... the question is right NOW ... can you feel it?

What a Feeling - Irene Cara

So maybe you scored last weekend ... had a good time and thought you could pick up again this weekend with the same person ... and he or she did not return your call ... or text messages... maybe Jim can explain to you ...

Thursday - Jim Croce

Well it started out just like a dream
And like a dream I knew that what we had,
Would have to end
Cuz I was lookin' for a,
Lifetime lover and,
You were lookin' for a friend
Someone to be there
After all your night time lovers had gone,
The way they came
Someone who knew the way
And helped to play your daytime game
It's not the same

Lyric Credits

I imagine there are quite a few sports men and women in Steemian land and have a game or three planned ... so let Joe get you warmed up and focused..

Games People Play - Joe South

Right, I know ... not the same games.. but what the hell ... is MY story {grin}... but I reckon we should get back to the weekend preparation with a decent upbeat number...

I racked my brain long and hard and decided on an oldie ... but a goodie ...enjoy.

Long Cool Woman - The Hollies

Thanks for stopping by and I hope at least one of the tunes struck a chord !! Pun intended ....

Remember .... tomorrow is the Friday Rock Slot !!


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