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Tha Playah – Why So Serious? (Angerfist Remix)

It’s difficult to fathom that the original version of this track was released in 2009! It seems like just yesterday I was still enjoying the original, but we all know time zooms by when you are having fun! The new and updated Angerfist remix is outstanding! In true Tha Playah fashion the remix has an almost two minute intro before we are devastated by hard hitting lead kick, Add in some Angerfist fashion style synths and this track is a killer. The second track on this EP is also banging… Controlled by Chaos is an aggressive fast paced track. You will most definitely not want to skimp on this EP, get both tracks!!

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cover - anime cAniMe – Call My Name

The Goddess of Hardcore is back with this banger of a track! In true AniMe style this tracks covers and the necessary elements of monster Hardcore track… Sick melody, Hip Hop style samples, and a deadly kick!! I was fortunate enough to hear this live at EDC Las Vegas and it really gets the crowd going. Dog Fight Records has been on a good roll… This is a must for all Hardcore DJ’s!

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cover - mcpThe Prototypes – Pop it Off (MINDCONTROLLER Bootleg)

Here is my take on this massive drum and bass track! Most of the original elements are kept from the original including the Reggae DNB lyrics along with the sick ass melody The Prototypes laid out on this track, more core like synths are layered along with kicking kick drum and bam! Some drum and bass elements are kept to keep things interesting. The track has been received well on the dance floor so I’ve added this as a free download to my Soundcloud account. Enjoy!

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cover - MDDJ Mad Dog – Tll I Die (Album)

I was so excited to receive this in the mail as a pre-order, which means I received an autographed copy along with some stickers… (STOKED!!! ). This seriously took residency in my cars CD player for almost a month straight until I was forced to listen to an audio book for work. The CD has so many awesome new tracks including this year’s Dominator anthem, Bring the Hardcore, That’s the Sound, The Kraken, the Dog Fight anthem, and Why Me (one of my personal favorites) to name a few. There are also older stomper’s like Not My Tempo, A Real Voice, Ghettocore, and Enter the Time Machine. This album is a must!!! You will not be disappointed.

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cover -PEDJ Paul Elstak – Energiehal Mash-up

The God Father of Hardcore has treated us to this awesome mash-up. The track consists of two of DJ Paul’s absolute classics!! Both of these would go off without a doubt and are considered to most as Los Angeles 90’s Hardcore classics… Anti-Procrastination and Paul’s Nightmare. Both monster tracks on their own and this mash-up just takes both tracks to another level. Unlike most mash-ups that just blend the two tracks as one, this rendition has received an updated kick and its a good one! I was able to drop this at Audio Asylum earlier this summer and the crowd ate it up! This mash-up is a little tough to obtain… I can only currently locate it on DJ Paul’s self entitled album on B2S. Happy hunting’s!!

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