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DJ Lenny Dee Pre-HE Interview

in music •  last year

Lenny Dee, the man who’s been coordinating the Hard Electronic madness and many would say the first hardcore techno DJ, took the time to give us a few tidbits and hints on what we’re going to be hearing at the Hard Electronic parties coming up September 8 and 9. In true THD fashion we managed to get a little extra info for you to chew on too. Here’s what went down:

You’re from Brooklyn, NY, how did growing up in New York City influence your music?

A great deal, in fact. There was great DJ scene in New York back in the day, loads of record shops. So,finding music was quite easy and exciting when I started and going to Manhattan shops was essential for me. As time went on and I start to produce it gave me more freedom to create new things. There was nothing other than House music kicking off at that time, so it gave me a creative boost to do something different.

What’s the story behind your DJ Name?

My last name is very long, so my teachers and friends called me ‘Lenny D’.

Who or what events in your life are responsible for you being the artist you are today?

I guess I can go back to Mayday 2 in Germany. There were many prior, but Mayday 2 was the pivot point where I pushed the hard electronic music all over the world and dropped IS 001 – We Have Arrived’ : Mescalinium United. I was a leading international DJ at that point, not many guys were playing in different countries at that time. So, it all went through the roof after that party.

What are you trying to convey with your music?

Just an exciting performance. When I play – I hope to take the listener on a journey through sounds and styles.

What are you giving to the crowd that listens to you?

A headache.

What moment do you cherish the most so far in your career as a DJ?

When I played on the Guru Josh Tour. I was down to my underwear and started playing like a mad man that was a moment I won’t forget. The Janes’ Addiction Reunion gig in NY was pretty awesome, too.

Industrial Strength LogoWhat are you planning to give to the audience at Hard Electronic?

The message for the party is a diverse selection of DJ’s and music and to give the USA a new way to listen to harder music. We do lean more towards hardcore and techno, though, which was the way it was when I started playing raves. I want to bring back some of that feeling.

What is something you really want to tell the public that we might not have asked about?

My favorite color.

Hmmm… well, don’t tell ‘em until Saturday night!


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