Umii - This Time (new B. Bravo project and intro to the producer)

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A new duo made up of Portland singer, Reva DeVito, and Los Angeles funk producer/musician, B. Bravo.

B. Bravo has to be one of my favorite producers as of late. I first became aware of him through his remix of "My Love is The Shhh" from SFP which takes a classic jam and freaks with that double time drum.

Not only does he have a way with the slow jams, but his funk grooves are rock solid and great for any get down as evident in this Billy Ocean cover:

If that weren't enough to win you over, on "Paradise" released this year on 2017 Bastard Jazz Records, there is "Starz in Your Eyez" featuring Lauren Faith bring the Herbie Hancock tune into the 21st century.

Of course he's not limited to crushing well loved tracks. Each track on "Paradise" showcases prowess blurring the lines between modern funk & future RnB in a timeless way. It has been my go to album of the summer, especially while driving.

If that weren't enough, he's got features on the latest records from Computa Games on Hobo Camp and Trailer Limon on Austin Boogie Crew

Fans of Grimes will certainly approach the vibes of "Make Your Move" on the new album which contains an array of funk and chunky house grooves that will work just as well on the dance floor as they will your bedroom dance party!

While there are cuts like this and "Feel It" which make great use of a dance beat, the over all vibe is more of a seductive future RnB vibe similar to "Can't Keep My Hands Off You"

It's no surprise that Rena DeVito has collaborated with Kaytranada either. Tracks like "The Move" are great paired with B Bravo's midtempo jams!

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts on this new project. Any recommendations for similar vibes would be appreciated in the comments. Let me know too if you would like to read more about all the great modern funk happening world wide!

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