THE STRINGS. (Violin the leading pitch in the string family).

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Talking music these days seems too interesting, so I would continue till I'm exhausted, and I don't even think I could but God knows. After I had talked at length about the percussion family in my recent posts, today I would love to shift into the string family and precisely I would be talking about the VIOLIN today.

The Violin.


The strings King.

Violin is a string instrument just like the guitar, double bass, viola, and cello but today I would be talking about the Orchestra string instruments alone. In the Orchestra, the Guitar is never acknowledged as an Orchestra instruments. So we have the:- Violin, Viola, Cello, and Double Bass. But I will be emphasizing on the VIOLIN alone for today.


[](The King's parts).

The Violin is an instrument made from wood and it has a lot of things on it that one need to understand the use or their uses. Looking at the picture above one should understand what I mean by knowing the uses of the parts. On the VIOLIN is first essential thing there are the strings and it has four strings. Aside the strings, we have the BOW which is used to play the the Violin by bowing the strings. We also have some parts as labeled in the picture above.

  • The Scroll:- it helps to hold the strings at the extreme.

  • The peg box:- that's where we have the pegs that are been used to tune the Violin.

  • The Violin neck:- also helped to stretch the strings.

  • The finger board:- Where the player places his or her left fingers to pin the strings.

  • The Bridge:- helps to raise the strings in order to get tight.

  • The F holes:- It helps to produce the sounds out of the box through the force of vibration felt on the strings.

  • The fine tuners:- They are also used to tune the strings.

  • The Chinrest:- The part where the player places his or her chin on in order to play well.

Furthermore, the Violin is a melodic instrument, and why? Cause it can only play just one not at a time. Every musical instruments that can play only one note at a time are called the MELODIC instruments and they are mostly the only instruments you can find in the Orchestra. More reason why we can't have the Guitar in an Orchestra is also because it can produce more than one note at a time alongside with the PIANO. The piano also can produce more than one note at a time.


All musical instruments that can produce more than one note at a time are known as HARMONIC instruments.

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