Music and it importance to humanity.

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Music is one of the most difficult thing to give a single or perfect definition. It has been proven that music can not be either classified to only Art or only science cause it has more than a lot to do with the both.

What is Music?

Music can be defined as an organised or structured sound that is pleasing or pleasant to the ears.

Critically looking at the definition above one could point out some references to Art and at the same time to Science. Organised or structured in the definition as more than a lot to do with the Art, while the presence of sound in the definition has much more to do with Science.

What makes up music?

Due to the definition above, I'm sure many would love to argue about what music is really made up of. They could argue that it's not only sounds and organizations that makes up a music. In other not to put anyone into confusion, I would love to explain some few things.

In music, the texts or lyrics is only important when it comes to singing alone. Does only singing makes music? No! The art of making music is the ability to use musical instruments to make pleasant sounds, and voice happens to be one of the instruments, which is only important while singing. So, do we mean other instruments are useless? No! We have the piano songs, and some other instruments that are been used to make music by the combination of sounds.

I think with these, I've been able to convince someone that not only singing makes music but sounds.

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