I am introducing myself to you©

in music •  last year

© Through the arts, i express myself. My strong, loving relationship with music and dance came to me naturally. I am a third generation musician.
My father is still rockin' the crowd with his favorite guitars and strong voice.

little me.jpg
little me @ my grandmothers

My mother shared her love of dance by teaching me as a little girl. She would waltz with me while my feet stood on hers.
As I grew up, mom taught me more dance styles like the Watusi , the Twist, my favorite...... Jiving (aka Swing) and more.
I witnessed my parents dance together often.
Was Music my first love or was it dance? Perhaps they were born in my heart simultaneously. It is an unanswered question still.
My loving heart gets bigger everyday and I love my family and friends very much!!

My Father leading Many Nations Dance Troop @ a multicultural dinner.
My father and I performed traditional songs. We play many genres of music.

I consider my Mother, Father and Grandparents to be my heroes! They gave their best to us everyday of our lives and showed me how to adapt well. They are special souls who influence every level of who I am to this day <3

This is my mother and I.
Her playfulness balanced out her impeccable level of hard work.

My Father still rockin' the crowd

Both my parents knew how to have fun and brought value to most everything they did. Anything they both chose to create, was top notch/five star quality. My father continues to maintain this standard.

Here I am watching over the soup that my little brother and family put together for my grandmother' stone moving feast <3

Here's my hard working brother and I crossing paths.
I was celebrating my birthday (my friend gave me this tutu as a gift) and he was going to work!

My aunt and I are getting ready to sing traditional songs at my grandmothers stone moving feast.

I value making my good better, letting my spirit have the most amazing human experiences. Learning how to love is one of my favorite topics of conversation. I converse in many mediums and one of them is with musicians through instruments, both electronic or acoustic. So much fun!!!

#eric-boucher and i #teresa-robinson in a conversation with others. We've found ourselves standing, sitting and holding a drum often.
I've invested many hours into jammin'.

My goal this year is to enjoy many more conversations as I jam it out with others. Im patiently waiting in anticipation!
I love forest baths and one of my many playgrounds is in nature.

yinyang dancin.jpg
Yin Yang dancing

jade path and pond.jpg
This is a jade path encircling a beautiful pond, near the place I was yin/yang dancing.
I love this oriental garden!

kissin owls.jpg
Kissing a beautifully carved owl at Ferry Island.

grizz pic with flowers.jpg
My crest is Silver Tip Grizzly........Hear me roar!!!?
Photography is something I love to play with and here I am finding joy in my home.

teresa the dancer.jpg
I am a belly dancer and have been learning for many years.

me and flowers.jpg
I love flowers

<3 Peacock feathers and writing poetry

Manumission (Power of Love)

Pure Love transcends quietus and heaven consonantly,
The Divine is resplendently immortal,
Rays of golden white increase radiantly,
As celestial rivers flow through serendipitous portals.
Heartship bridges all forms of nature,
Receding wall to wall veils,
All the while imperfect quintessence surrender,
The Power of Love Hales.........
Written by Teresa A. Robinson
February 14th, 2017
<3 Valentine Joy <3

© Teresa Robinson

There is so much more to unfold as I post. Thank You all for reading and being open to getting to know me.
#teresa-robinson ©

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What a beautiful tribute to love, family, music and yourself.

To be able to underline the personality of your mom in one sentence as you did is a real Tour de Force while being of such precision. I came through right and true straight to my core, out of nowhere like an arrow. BEAUTIFUL!

Your poem is brilliant too, halesome really!

Thank you so very much for sharing of your heart and soul with us and can't wait to share more music with you my favourite jammer. Namaste :)


I am smiling :) big right now! As long as I keep getting up, I plan to continue to jam it out!!! Love as much as I can muster up! The veil between my heart and this physical world is becoming thinner. My being is grateful for you and all who have supported me in keeping my heart open. Many blessings beautiful soul! I'm looking forward to jammin' with you and your beloveds! See you soon Eric!!!


Joy... We are always looking forward to sharing quality time with open hearts, especially when it involves dancing and playing hand-drums! Love, love, love!!!

Namaste :)


Thank You very much!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Excellent post great photography thanks for share


Thank You so much!!! Great to see my love for life is appreciated! Be well!!!

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Thank You very much!!!

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What a lovely story.... presenting her personality and character
Your family is proud of having a talent member. I hope everyone gets someone like her.


Thank you very much! each one of us is unique and magnificent! So many gifts!!! The question is can we explore them all in one life time?

Very nice and interesting intro. Welcome to Steemit! You look like a different version of you in every photograph!


Thank you!! every photo shows the many changes I've experienced thus far. The picture of me and lilacs is a more recent picture.