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This is a bootleg, and most people have no idea Prince performed JAZZ like this !!


Spoke 2 me
I can't believe it but she spoke 2 me
Close 2 me
I never thought I'd get her close 2 me

Now the moon and the sun belong 2 me
All my wildest hopes were crazy dreams
(They seem more like reality)
This girl fulfills my every fantasy
She must be
**Specially designed by heaven just 4 me **
(Just for me)

My friends look at her, they see mystery
But I look at her and I see a masterpiece
(Can it be? I mean, really, that she)
Spoke 2 me (spoke 2 me)
I can't believe it but she spoke 2 me
(Speak 2 me baby)
(Speak 2 me baby)

Spoke 2 me
I can't believe it but she spoke 2 me
And if she hurts me
[I/I'll] take it all with open arms you see
(U think I won't?)
Cause like the track under a subway train
She could roll all over me and I'd still be the same

BCause today is the day she spoke 2 me
I can't believe it but she spoke 2 me
Close 2 me
I never thought I'd get her close 2 me
If I'm stuck in some groovy wet dream
Don't pinch me
(I don't want to wake up)
I'm diggin' the scene (dig it dig it)

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Never really was a fan, but this was pretty amazing. May have to give it a try. Hope all is well on your side

in some moment two song, both are so amazing, thanks for sharing

Lovely feel... I liked it even though I'm not a fan of jazz


I agree, the "feel" is just insane and exciting..
This is musical mastery and most people have no idea it even exists.


It's just sad... Lots of talent and now he's dead.

nice song @surfyogi
I like it.

song is one of part in my life @surfyogi
thank for sharing such a nice post

Wow... nice song ... beautiful and touchy lyrics...great one ....thanks for sharing...

Most welcome sir.
That's great post really. I love music and art....

Nice lyric but sir @surfyogi Your sharing video content is empty...

nice song @surfyogi
I also like music.

Another interesting music video there well you just made my day interesting :D

good post @surfyogi
everyone like such a nice music

I can't find this song on the internet. Maybe I don't know exactly what to search for. Funny how Prince became more popular over here after he left the planet.

Edits: it's seems the original link you uploaded had some issues. But you can listen to the song here

music is inspired us,
it gives us strength of work

I also like to hear & singing music.
because I like it @surfyogi

sometimes music divert our life,
& sometime it express our story of real life.
It carry our memory.
I like to hear it @surfyogi

Very fantastic music history.. I love StEeMiT... thank you so much my dear #sirsurfyogi...art is very nice...

Oh! I'm learning about "PRINCE" from your two posts. I think this one rocks more, I will have to check out more of his clips. Thanks for enlightening my soul with this amazing Jazz lyrics. All I see is video not available though.

Congratulations @surfyogi sir..
I only watched to check out the two black girls in the background. Otherwise its the same performance he's been doing for years now, right down to the songs. He really should come up with some new material. Bring a band with him or pair up with another musician at the show. #Upvoted..


He is dead. SMH


why are you posting same comment to me a second time, for a bot?

He did well with the performance, I love the lyrics!
"My friends look at her, they see mystery
But I look at her and I see a masterpiece"
For some reasons, i love these lines more..

Amazing song! Thank you for sharing of this interesting post!
I have new drawings and would be happy if you could take a look at them;)

I love music..... I love art..... I like it your every post.... thanks for visiting......

Jazz music is always captivating. It is being introduced into the African culture and events of recent. Do check out my recent post on African weddings. You'll love it

Such a beautiful piece, sad, jazz is now relegated to club house and brothels.
It birth a lot of genre back then.

To me if I like that music I think that band is great thanks for sharing with us @surfyogi I loved good work greetings and blessings.... Best of luck... congratulations @suryogi..

Music is a kind of audible art that can create entertainment in the mind of the heart with consistent sound and nuance. The creation of music in the form of voice and sound. This sound may be the sound of human voices, the sounds of the instruments, or the combination of both....

bro @surfyogi just i say,heart touching music.

A very nice Jazz I love my friend thanks for sharing with us @surfyogi

Lovely song with a nice rythm and lyrics. Nice and a unique song @surfyogi

Great song sir.Much obliged for sharing it.

That's a great music one actually I like music and thanks for sharing his nice song..
Just it..

Excellent music friend congratulations and blessings for you

wow,just amazing song... dear...really you always sharing very good collecting song in your blog.prince is a good singer in the world...i love music very much.because music one of them big part of our life.this song feel very mindblowing.i am not expressed this singer quality.because its alltime very talented and you selected always best music this singer.your thought quality skills anytime inteligent.thanks to sharing for your great post of music.very well done.have a great day..my dear friend.. @surfyogi

bruh this brings back memories of elementary for me. I used to sing this everywhere. the last time a mainstream rapper got religious and didn't have double meanings for every religious phrase they spoke. so far gone are those days

This song helps me with my depression and stops me from having suicidal thoughts. I really appreciate this song. ("I just wanna say thank you!")

just the sound of his voice, when he spoke to me, sent a chill through my body, wow!! exactly what I needed to hear

That Al Green "Love & Happiness" sample really set this off. Love it!!

we in greensboro nc love the song and the man behind it "keep" doing it god bless!!!

great content dear @surfyogi
feelings of song is really awesome.
I always feel it.

Sometime we are speechless to explain memorable moments in our life... but some song easily explain this, today you post exactly like this..

Love The music. Amazing songs

Wow....... Such a nice song with lovely lyrics.

Wow i am so glad to see this sir,love this as it is a special gift from you.

wow smooth jazzy jazz..just like a winter sonata..You really have a good taste for music @surfyogi

Thanks for sharing this about Prince @surfyogi

People doesn't know most of the timethe true potential gifts of some famous artists in the history of music ... expecially on the so called showbizz' ...

Prince was a brilliant musician ... somehow signed a pact with "someone" and tried to play the game in between ... to make money with commercial funk that he composed and beside the courtains he was producing his real music for his soul ... and in the end of his career he decided ... how to pay and how to end the pact :-)

For each thing there's a price to pay ... depends how far & deep is the stake of that thing ...

Regards @surfyogi

hellow dear @surfyogi
My small effort for you.
I will be a lucky one, if you are seen my comment & I will be happy if you visit my blog, because I mention you in my post please..

Another awesome song..I love it