A song for steemit #1

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Hey steemit! I came up with the idea to sing a song (that is choosed by you) for you every week! ♥
I'm always pretty uncreative when it comes to the point where I have to choose a song and I thought that a lot of you have a favorite song or a song which they really like and I would love to share my music with you through singing your requests!
How does it work?

Post a song request in the comments or look which songs are already requested! If you like one idea give it a vote up.
The comment that has the most votes is the song that I will sing to you!

If you've never heard a song from me, please check out my YouTube Channel or my Soundcloud

I'm looking forward to see what idead you guys have and I'm pretty excited! ♥


Great idea !
Can you play: "with a little help from my friends" ?
("With a little help from the whales"... could be the adapted lyrics for steemit ;) )

Keep up the good work. This is what i like to see here on steemit !!


Maybe Cake By The Ocean from DNCE? :D Lovely idea btw <3

I would love to hear "its over isnt it"

Please, play some song on your small and cute guitar.

I would love to hear "engine engine number 9 on the new York transit line!" Haha.... Would be the perfect Steem theme song ;)

Hi! suika
It is a very good idea.
Do you sing also songs of Japanese?

Of course! I love to sing japanese! :)

I upvote U

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