PYRO Music - The custom made streaming solution for Chinese artists and DJs?

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Long gone are the days when DJs could pass around a few tapes or CDs to promote themselves; everything is done online. Rather handing out demos to a select audience of friends, promoters etc; DJs are forced to host a selection of their mixes online for the whole world to stream at their leisure. Their profiles serve as online resumes of sorts; an office worker may create themselves a LinkedIn profile; but for DJs across the world, it is not so straight-forward.

Some may host their mixes for download on torrenting websites, yet risk their work effectively dying an awful death as few will bother to upload and share that mix of yours once it has been leeched. Many a torrenting website gets shutdown or blocked within certain territories due to concerns about copyright theft or illegal and politically sensitive content.

Streaming websites such as Soundcloud and Mixcloud offer another solution; but they are far from perfect. Soundcloud's recent financial woes are a cause for concern, as is their limited storage for the vast majority of users. Mixcloud may allow unlimited uploads for streaming, but for Chinese users it is really a user friendly option. It does not offer language options or the ability to share content on the social media networks that are preferred by local users.

PYRO music is a new project that appears to offer not just a localised solution for Chinese users; but has a genuine interest in developing Chinese underground music scenes. PYRO is far from a copy of the better known streaming services, it has a fresh, clean user friendly interface and unique features such as the world's first fully licensed DJ download pool to allow Chinese DJs to legally download tracks in high quality audio formats. It is not just merely competing with the established players; it seems destined to be superior to them.

It's a project that I'm genuinely excited about and I hope that it can gain widespread popularity. I've started to upload my mixes to the service and will continue to upload mixes both to PYRO and Mixcloud in the future.

Check out my PYRO music profile at:

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