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“What kinda music do you listen to?”

Screching Weasel My Brain Hurts
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In about 6th or 7th grade a kid named Robert moved to town and changed my life forever.

He asked me that question and all I could piece together was something like, “I dunno, country I guess.”

I should explain.

We moved to Texas when I was just about to turn 6.

From there I never really developed my own taste in music and my dad got into country music.

Whenever I rode in the car with him, we would listen to the likes of Garth Brooks, Hank Williams Jr., George Strait, Alan Jackson, and others.

I liked to alright…

Robert had different ideas.

Today I don’t remember where Robert moved here from, but he did move in across the street from us and so we became friends.

He got me into stuff I had never even heard of, like Blink-182, Propagandhi, and Screeching Weasel to name a few.

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From there I started getting into all sorts of other music outside of just country.

Eventually, I got into the side project bands and fringe bands like The Methadones and The Riverdales and The Dead Milkmen.

For a bit I really got into the ska genre, partly due to a couple of local ska bands at my high school.

Of course I was into Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

But I would listen to anything with a horn section.

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By now, you may be wondering, “Why bring all this crap up?”

And I don’t know, I just remembered that Screeching Weasel had a song and album titled “My Brain Hurts” and right now mine really does.

Mostly anytime I go back and listen to any of this type of music I think it sucks.

And I will probably feel the same way in ten years from now about the music I like now.


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I've never limited myself to any particular type of music, but I can say this, I hate Led Zeppelin. If you like horns, you might try Mr. Bungle's self titled album 'Mr. Bungle'



Thanks, I will check it out.

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Thanks! Sounds like great fun!