From Chef To Music Producer

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Im going on a new and KRAZIE journey.
Thats right, from Chef to Music Producer.
Want to know what the really crazy thing is?
I have no musical experience other then just listening. I have picked up a guitar before but most of my musical background is messing around because a friend had a instrument.
It was exactly 50 days ago when I began teaching myself drums. Figured why not since I am stuck being in this LOCKDOWN.
About 30 days in I became bored and decided to see what making hip-hop beats would be like. After watching a few videos I decided I need to purchase a Midi Controller(see pics below). After a week of learning the basics of the software functionalities, which was awful by the way, I said eff this and just started playing then editing. Its honestly the best way in my opinion.
Since making a youtube channel I've noticed many quit before even playing there new midi controller.

And here we are today.

As I learn all these new things that arent kitchen related I will be sharing my experience with everyone. I hope you will come a bit further and ride along on this journey with me.
Ok lets begin.
The track below is combined with some random videos I got from YouTube to be used as filler so don't pay to much attention to that. This is music only no vocals.

⬇️⬇️⬇️New Song⬇️⬇️⬇️

As of yesterday this was my second complete song. The first song I was lucky enough to sell and I will do a follow up for what its used for and when I can share it.

Now for those who want some more info on the software I used I'll break it down for ya.
Okay, For this song I used the Reaper Daws, Scaler 2 (free trail version)with the Mini Grand piano & Hybrid 3 and for the drum loop I made that with Mpc Beats. FYI, most of these are free. Hybrid 3 and Scaler 2 cost money. I used my labtop, asio for the sound and the akai mpk mini mk3(midi controller) ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️


and the m-audio 49 keystation (midi keyboard controller)


Be sure to visit the link below and see if you like any of my gear

Thanks for visiting
I am The ChemtrailChef