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I’m starting to lose track of the songs that have official music videos. Let’s take a look before it gets too disorganized.

1️⃣ First there was this video:

It contains a section of the song called, “25 Owns Fools With Props In A Warehouse"

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=3695475950 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=de270f track=158745176]

I added particles to the water for the video. No, I didn't. Dust fell into the water while I was preparing to make the video.

Was that an official music video? Hmm... it's not the entire song, so I'm gonna say that it's not an official music video for the song.

Maybe that should be next!? More Dirt (fish's name is "Dirt") in a full length video!

What's so funny? Don't laugh. Dirt will fnck you up. He is aggressive... dgaf about living in a bedroom with a cat. It's crazy.


2️⃣ The next video contains the same song from Tetrahedroseph's album "Jackie Lee Vs Bruce Chan Hip Hop Battle." Sorry, no fish in this next one. By the way, the fishes name is "Dirt."

That video is part of a series designed to force me into creating at least one video a month. The approach also utilize/repurpose all the footage that goes into a successful TikTok profile... I think. We'll see. I'm not going to play that hard. It's easy to be on TiKTok because it shares to multiple social media platforms and it allows me to add some of the trippy video effects that look cool later.


This screen shot of my projects reveals videos from October and November. Those were like sneak peeks. The videos contain a mixture of audio samples from TikTok and also music from Tetrahedroseph's music collection. I'm not really going to count those as official music videos.

I'm sticking with the order in which these videos were posted to Thanks for reading. I'll get back to the main topic after this...


I know, I know, another pause. It's short.

Sometime after creating the videos above, I created this image and then turned it into a GIF and video.

This image and millions and millions and millions and millions... of variations are coming. The next set of videos might make you hate television again. Construct or not, that shit gets annoying.


I want a burrito, but let's continue.

3️⃣ This third video was created around footage that just happen to fit the artistic theme of this album. The metallic wall goes well with the billet bumper looking stuff on the album's cover. The pogo stick fit well with the possibility of a new pogo stick video tradition. Not sure how that would work, but I plan on making a few pro stick videos at the moment.

I'm not great on the pogo stick, but I can do 100 without stopping if I want. I did it when my back was injured. By the way, my back is much better now. Chiropractic adjustment and physical therapy helped me. Medical bills don't.

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=3695475950 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=de270f track=2448025445]

(Ignore the project in the bottom right of the image above. I already talked about that one.) Take note of the multiple projects that were required to create the video effects. If you are familiar with audio recording, I can say that these multiple projects are the result of doing something like "bouncing-down."

I worked around the limited functionality of iMovie's editing capabilities by export a draft version of the video. Then, I work on that newly exported draft video as if it were simply a new video in a new project. To advanced iMove users it appears I have access to more functionality, but in reality, I do not. It's like an audio engineer that creates stems or bounces tracks off a 4-track tape to a single track on a new 4-track tape... it's not getting any easier to explain this.

It's probably already an editor's secret, but the video bounce techniques was a fun personal discovery. I've used it many times to create a "Video Portrait" series available on my YouPube channel, but don't go there. Stick around here with the Steem stuff and get ready to see these techniques maximized and the pushed to the limit in the next two videos.

4️⃣ The fourth video posted on 3Speak contains a smaller section of the song called, “Broomstick Trick." It's a short video and the song's tail end is simply cut short to fit in under a minute.

Short attention spans seem realistic to consider. I accept the challenge of making a video short. It's actually easier to make a short video interesting with minimal footage.

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=3695475950 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=de270f track=1027138000]

5️⃣ WOW! I already have five videos on @threespeak. I'm grateful they opened up to free membership. Steem benefits greatly by having a health/functional video site or two.

Was this long version really necessary.

Probably not, but I'm glad to get the entire song out. I will consider shorter videos and full length video's for the rest... that sound like a lot... i'm scared.

Speaking of too much! Look at all the projects I created to edit those two wacky pogo videos.

That takes up lots of room on an iPhone7. I deleted projects along the way to conserve space. I'm extremely grateful for the foresight to purchase the iPhone with the largest amount of memory. As long as I stay organized, it's all good.



PLEASE, tell me what you want next and show those other social media platforms what they are missing.

Leave a comment telling me the unused song from "Jackie Lee Vs Bruce Chan Hip Hop Battle" you would like to hear in a video next!

Before you continue reading and scrolling on to this posts tangent, please comment with your preference. Just listen to the first 10 seconds of each song if you want to be quick. It's cool.

❤️ 👉 👈 ❤️

There is ANOTHER major series of videos being created by my friend SchoolHouseFarmhouse. The entire collection features music from the album "Jackie Lee Vs Bruce Chan Hip Hop Battle."

The video series that uses Tetrahedroseph's music, "Field Notes" by Schoolhouse Farmhouse.

While I was creating the music for this album, "Jackie Lee Vs Bruce Chan Hip Hop Battle" my old friend started asking me about music. I told him I could make some songs/sound bites for him. To keep a long story short, we decided he should just use any of the songs on this album to help me promote it and also to help him create content for his video series and farm promo.

Visit our friend School House Farm House:




Presenting... Schoolhouse Farmhouse Field Notes with Tetrahedroseph's Music

I’ll list the links to Schoolhouse Farmhouse on Instagram/YouTube and hopefully you can learn a thing or two about cute little birdies.

1️⃣ Norther Cardinal:

8️⃣ SHFH Field Notes: Florida Highlights:

I can't wait to see what Schoolhouse Farmhouse does next.


George, Schoolhouse Farmhouse and friends, if you are reading this, it's an honor to have this music used for educational purposes.

Like I said before, let's do more SOON! I can make more music for you. 😃

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