Steemit’s Most Wanted – Daily Top 3 Music Tracks

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We want to make @steemradio the best radio experience for every Steemit user. In order to do that, we need your help!

Music is an important part of our format. This is why we’re building our main playlist using your proposals and your votes.

Our music curation service is expanding as promised! Today marks the beginning of our interactive selection, where we try to create Steemit’s first music chart based on your proposals and votes.

The main reason to participate is to help us create the best decentralized music selection created anywhere in the world. You propose, you vote, you decide what you will hear on @steemradio!

Come join us in our daily adventure in creating the best music playlist around. Here’s your chance to show off your taste in music. Before you know it, we’ll have the coolest community-based music selection anywhere!

How does it work?

@steemradio will post once a day. We’ll use the following image, so keep an eye out for it!

Participating is easy. Just propose your favourite song by posting a link to its video in the comments. Diversity matters - all genres and styles are welcome. Then, vote your little heart out! Vote for as many – or as few – proposals as you like. This is the important part, as it will encourage community involvement, and you might just get a big fat reward if your proposal gets the most votes! The top 3 proposals with the highest number of votes will be added to our live playlist every day.

So where’s the money go?

Wondering what we’re doing with all the cash we make from these posts? All proceedings from @steemradio author rewards will be used to build the studio, hire the best moderators, and create the most awesome radio station for this community.

But wait, there’s more!

You can still vote for our other project, which started just last week –Steemit’s Top 5 Most Wanted Original Music! We count the votes every Saturday, so there’s still plenty of time to vote. Come out and support Steemit’s musicians - vote for your favourite in the comments section of this post.

Now back to our daily Most Wanted. Let’s choose the first 3 hits!

Waiting for your proposals and votes in the comments.

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Like what we’re doing here? Come by every day to give us your recommendations for one of our Top 3 daily songs. Resteem us and urge your followers to vote on your entry to get your song added to our playlist. Help @steemradio grow into the coolest place around to promote good music chosen by the Steemit community itself!

EDIT: Please visit the final Top 3 and place there your new proposals and votes for tomorrow.

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Please upvote for my proposal: U2 - Beautiful Day!

Good idea @steemradio !!! Upvoted and resteemed!


Thank you for your proposal. Good luck!

Gimme' your votes for: Queen - I Want To Break Free :)


Thank you for your proposal. Good luck!


I'm double voting, because Queen

Consoul Trainin - Take Me To Infinity


Thank you for your proposal. Good luck!

I'm gonna have to go with Trap House Blues - My Friend, The Enemy seeing as I personally know a couple of them. SARS would be pissed if I didn't take this chance.


Lol bro, I have little choice but to go with the hometown boy


Thank you for your proposal. Good luck!

Great post! In fact, it was so good that we decided to feature it in our latest newspaper. Read it here:


Thank you very much! This will help us gaining some exposure for our initiative!