MATCH MY SONG !!! The new @steemradio's challenge. Not for DJ's only!

in #music6 years ago

Song matching is very important for Dj's !

In this new post series from @steemradio we will try to find the best matching song for some hits!

You are the dj! One song is playing! You are looking at the crowd and see they love the genre and you decide to keep the same style and the same energy for the next song.

What do you play next?

Here is the song that is playing now:

Please reply with the song you will play next!

Half of this post revenues will go tho the user that replied with the most voted song posted as the possible next song!

Let's build this mini mix!



The same style and energy!

My kids favorite song! Good one.

Sadly not my usual go to for genre, can't match brother... Sad fox is sad. But it's been over an hour now people and only 1 match so far? BoOoOoO! =)

Only 9 views for the post! :) Sad!

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