Dreaming about the future. The blockchain technology will shock the music world again!

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Music producers and music lovers discovered over the years step by step the beauty of the music using different storage forms and compression methods starting from analog and ending with new digital music possibilities.

It is time for something new and I think the blockchain is the new BIG THING for the next musical revolution.


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I still remember my first impression when after years of listening music on vinyl I saw for the first time one cassette player! But the biggest shock was after using for many years thousands of cd's, my first contact with one .mp3 file!

That was for me in 1996! After that, everything got out of control! From Napster to Spotify everything went like a blink of an eye for listening to my favorite music.


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What about recording music?

I could only dream in 1996 that recording music will become so easy!

You can now record music almost instant using your smartphone, upload it and the whole world can see you perform? Hundreds, thousands and millions of possible viewers are there waiting for your best act in minutes? I'm still shocked now when reflecting at what was I dreaming in the 90's! The present surpassed my expectations!

Right now, I am amazed at how powerful the new blockchain era is for music in particular! Watching Steemit artists making hundreds of dollars in Openmic is the best example! Posting your music on Steemit is currently one of the best ways to be rewarded for your musical act if you are not proffessional! Now think about selling music online using blockchain and smart contract technology. It is so easy!

Projects like Music Coin are already searching the connection between producers and listeners and Steemsongs is another great initiative. I start dreaming again! There are good times coming for music producers!

Another dream is about what will happen when big artist and celebrities will come to Steemit...

What if Rihanna or Kings of Leon will open tomorrow their official Steemit blog? Can you imagine that? But what if Justin Bieber will sell his new album using the STEEM blockchain? You send 1 SBD to @ justinbieberofficial and you have in your email his song with the help of a smart contract. Am I dreaming too much?

Let's dream more:

What if you start listening to one radio for free or you pay 0.001 STEEM for each song and if you like one particularly song you just hit one button and donate 1-10 STEEM to the artist and the playlist of the radio will readjust based on the donated amount for each song the next day?

Am I dreaming too much?

No way! We just need the time, some community support and the good team to do it! I hope @steemradio will be someday the first blockchain station!

What do you think?


Steem Radio News: You can now win STEEM and SBD just for posting your favorite music!


Block chain tech in the music industry is a good move. It will only help further the inter-connectivity of the tech world and will inspire more industries (both public and private sector) to engage with blockchain tech!

Musicoin - Blockchain solution to musicians to license their works

i introduce this amazing technology to you:
Each time an artist’s track is played, the “pay per play” contract is executed by the system, resulting in a payment using the Musicoin currency. This is sent directly from the listener to the musician, who has granted the listener access to a specific piece of work.

I already know about this! I am thinking if we can find a way to use STEEM or SBD the same way! Maybe there are people that could help me!

great news 😍

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I can't wait, its half the reason I got on steemit. I just found you guys thanks to @aurealistic.

a fine worthy project. i wish you well. Radio YaY!

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