CONSCIOUS MUSIC – Balanced Intellect And Emotions Are Essential Elements To Music And To Understanding Natural Law

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I present a look at how aspects of the brain and heart must align for music and liberty.

Music contains both mathematical precision, which relates to the brain/intellect, and also emotion/feeling, which relates to the heart.

Let’s examine this in a bit of detail and see what occurs if music becomes out of balance.   

If a person sings with great emotion and passion, but lacks technical proficiency, then it more than likely won’t sound good to the listener.  I know this all too well, as it feels good when I sing, but I know that I have zero technical ability.  It sounds horribly off key.

On the other hand, if a song is sung exactly on key and is technically superb, it still might not “sound great” to the listener if there is no passion in the voice.  The song somehow loses much of its potential impact.    

It stands to reason then, that music is at its best when in balance between technical/mathematical proficiency and emotion/feeling.    

A similar duality is also present in human consciousness, which produces profound effects by influencing actions.  The duality exists in intellect and emotion (brain and heart).  If an individual is unbalanced, the effects can be detrimental.    

To illustrate this point, an individual who is overly intellectual and neglects the emotional/empathetic side of consciousness will likely fall into a belief system that is harmful to the individual and to the human experience in the aggregate.  Examples include:




Moral Relativism 


Explaining why these lead to harmful consequences is too deep of a subject to cover here, but I recommend studying Natural Law/Universal Law in order to understand.  

The opposite, an individual ruled by their emotions and neglectful of intellect, will have similar harmful effects.  

Examples include:

Blind Belief 

Religious Extremism 

Order Following 

Willing Slave

Let’s now look at how music influences thoughts, emotions, and actions.  This is done with instrumental as well as lyrical aspects of music.    

From personal experience, I can attest to how various types of music effect my thoughts, emotions, and actions.  I’m sure just about everyone reading this has noticed similar personal experiences.

For example, when driving, I notice that certain types of music that are faster and have more aggressive aspects cause me to drive faster, without me even thinking about it.    

There are also numerous scientific studies that show music has profound psychological as well as emotional effects.    

With that said, I argue that music is and has been used for social control purposes, via emotional manipulation and, to some extent, as an obstruction to intellect.  This is done by large corporate media conglomerates.  (It should also be noted that this is a part of a larger mind and emotion manipulation program, done in conjunction with other aspects of pop culture and entertainment, such as Hollywood movies and TV.)

Music can be used to initiate aggressive behavior or to bring calm.  Lyrics are used to promote key elements in the control structure used against humanity, morality, freedom, and spirituality.  Key elements, such as:

The Religion of Money 

Promotes Violence 

Promotes Egocentric Behavior 

Generation Gap (Divide and Conquer Strategy)

Hyper Sexualization (This has a negative effect on cohesion of the family unit as well as male/female bonding)

It’s also interesting to note the correlation between the mechanized lifestyle many of us experience in the 9 to 5, citylife paradigm, and repetitive, upbeat styles of music, such as pop, rock, rap, and other genres promoted by corporate media.  

Rapid music for a rapid lifestyle, which has a negative effect on many people.  

What effect? 

It helps to create an environment in which deep analysis, thought, daydreaming, introspection, imagination, and other mental and emotional arts becomes difficult.    

It’s part of the information deluge used as a weapon to imbalance people mentally and emotionally.

As mentioned earlier, mental and emotional imbalance makes an individual more likely to adopt certain beliefs or world views that are harmful.  Harmful to the individual and also harmful to the human experience, in the aggregate.  

This is because such beliefs do not allow for a true understanding of Natural Law, and therefore do not allow true liberty to be experienced.  

In short, music is being used as a weapon against true morality, humanity, and spirituality.  This is being done by individuals from the occult ruling class via corporations they own.  Music is part of the mind and emotion control matrix.  It is used as a weapon of mass distraction to occupy the time and attention of people and encourage conformity.    

However, the good news is that music can be used to uplift the consciousness of humanity as well!   Music can be used to spread truth and freedom.  And, in fact, it is!

If there are more truth musicians out there on Steemit, please drop me a comment! 

The following resources are meant to provide details regarding themes and evidence to support conclusions in this article.    

At the very least, even if you disagree with my conclusions, the following material is very interesting.    

Music Used For Torture By U.S. Government Gang

CIA and Counter Culture Creation

List of Songs With Similar Chord Progression

Similarity In Pop Music

Music Evoked Emotions - Studies At National Institutes of Health

The Mozart Effect from NIH

How Music Effects The Brain

Music’s Effects On The Brain

US Army War College Document On Information Warfare (Including Mass Media)

Scientifically Designed Music 

To Start Learning About Natural Law 

Thanks for your time and attention!

Just say "NO" to slavery!

Top image is from pixabay


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very useful topic!
the music influences us really very much
and your example with driving is very bright: it's really the same, we even don't realize it but we change the speed of our actions and even mood listening to ifferent music

Supermarkets use the power of music to impact on customers.
It's a science:)


Thanks @taliakerch! Good to hear from you. Yes, science has much to do with music and its psychological effects.

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