Live at Dreamship - Performance of "Not Yet"

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This past weekend I had the cool opportunity of playing at a block party/fundraiser for the Dreamship Community in Portland, Maine.

About Dreamship: "We practice holding a safe, clean and sober, nurturing, creative and collaborative space for community building, skill sharing, art and music making, wellness training, diversity celebrating, survival preparation, homesteading, playing and dreaming as well as many other communal uses. We are committed to sharing healthy and non-violent communication, resources, support, recovery and food. We are also committed to reducing our carbon footprint through energy conservation, composting, recycling and reducing waste by reusing as much as possible."

Dreamship Community Website:

Here is one of the tunes I played, called "Not Yet." I Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for watching. If you enjoy my music please be sure to give it an upvote, comment, resteem, and to follow me here. Thank you!


A powerful refrain in this one, Stan...I used to play guitar for *Mark Browning for a spell and you very much remind me of his stylings.
*a Canadian folk artist.

Awesome performance Charlie!! The microphone was unnecessary anyway haha!

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Nice voice and performance.

Great Work



Great song
Great performance
Great cause
You are great @stanhopeofficial

wow.. this post just make made my day.. very nice and definitely upvoted

thank you for sharing valuable information.

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