Rock n Roll Thursday - The Stranglers + Kurt Vile

in music •  2 years ago  (edited)

All killer, no filler! Just 2 great tracks from bands u might not have heard.

One of the most bad-ass bass lines of all time courtesy of The Stranglers! Nice n Sleazy is a fantastic punk-rock song recorded in 1978.

Best Lyric - An angel came from outside / Had no halo had no father / With a coat of many colors

Fast forward to 2013 and Kurt Vile is Wakin on a Pretty Daze. Nice laid back psychedelic rock.

For those of new to this -

The format works like this. One Retro Throwback, anything from the 60s & 70s or 80s, and One Modern Masterpiece, from the 90s onwards.

Hope u enjoy - Let me know what you think -and feel free to throw your own rockin tracks into the comments!

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I love The Strenglers. Amazing compositions.


I agree - they have some wonderful songs, and nearly everyone knows their most famous - Golden Brown.