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A lot of cool things are happening on @msp-waves. We have amazing shows hosted by some of the blockchain's best, such as @meno, @crimsonclad, @clayboyn, @aggroed and many many others.

Shows about Philosophy, Emotions, Chronic, Coffee, Hip Hop, Peace, Abundance, EDM Culture, Creatives, Education, Music, Banjos and much more awesomeness.

Come and check it out: MSP Waves Broadcast

But the best part about the whole thing is the MUSIC.

In between the shows, we have a playlist with nothing but STEEMIAN MUSICIANS and their awesome tunes. We have about 13 hours on the playlist so far.

All quality music made by the people on this crazy blockchain.


So this is an open call to all the musicians on steemit...

Send me your tracks :)

Hit me up on discord, send me a dropbox, google link share, i'll give you my email, or sometimes straight through discord. Whatever works, let's make it work.

Give me permission to use your future tracks and I'll stalk you all and download your tracks and include them on the playlist.

All tracks considered. We have metal, hip hop, ambient, funk, trip-hop, everything.

As long as no one else owns the rights to the music and you give us permission to play them, you can be in the mix.

So find me here : MSP Waves and send me music.

These are the musicians and acts currently on the Mix.

@zipporah @nathankaye @luisferchav @atomcollector @jonmagnusson @pechichemena @amberyooper @avesa @infamousit @slacktmusic @blayr @psionic-tremors @vachemorte @Isaria @taphophilia @christianwindley @kodaxx @heaterville @asonintrigue @adesojisouljay @raven @stickchumpion @klynic @anarcotech @paintingangels @darrenclaxton @jeffandhisguitar @silentscreamer @beyonder @dflo @veckinon @rockchickjen @breezin @fracasgrimm @juliakponsford @krazypoet @soundwavesphoton @amymya @ill-esha @wolfnworbeikood @lillywilton @yusaymon @redskylullaby

So yeah, want your tunes on the SteeMix? Let me know.

Thank you, Infinite Lovewaves.


Yo bro it's cool that you take care of all that fo msp, fucking true champ!

Thanks brotha, your tracks take it to the next level haha.

I can always send you more until you scream to me "Please stop we have enough already!!!"

Yes man, send everything haha.

Thank you for spinnin' me toons!

Yeah fer sher, thanks for sending great tunes.

Rad! Awesome! Yeeeeeew!

Wooooo! Your tracks are a staple in this mix.

Incredible artists congregating on mspwaves!!

Yes. I would love to have permission to include your songs as well :)

I'm tryna get @vorteks to put music on here

Dope, get him on here haha.

Hey @soundwavesphoton my magical music curator!!!
I'll send you some from the @darrenclaxton archives if you like?
Speak soon!

Thank you Darren, your tracks will be all uploaded.

Hey man, this is great! You're more than welcome to use my content. I'll hit you up on Discord and send you a pack if that would be easier for you to manage!

Awesomeness. Yeah if you can send me a pack of tunes... I can get em on the mix faster... fer sher. I'll keep on eye out for any future tracks too. Thank you.

Done and done, i have more ill send you later bro thanks for the shoutout with all the other steem musical artist...

be well

Thank you man, your tracks are the shizz.

That's awesome @soundwavesphoton! DM on Discord incoming :D

Thank you so much, we got Trevor on the mix now. #winning

This is awesome, sharing to spread the word and hope you get amazing people submitting their work to this opportunity.

Thank you for taking the time to put this thing together make it happen! You're awesome!

Thank you Lilly, your tunes are on the Mix and I look forward to more.

Niceee! Wish I had music to send to you, but I'm still slowly learning to tap into my creativity again..

In between the shows, we have a playlist with nothing but STEEMIAN MUSICIANS and their awesome tunes. We have about 13 hours on the playlist so far.

That's really cool, I didn't know that! I really need to get back to listening to MSP Waves more again..

(One little thing I noticed, @anarcotech is spelt wrong in your post, if you don't mind me mentioning)

Keep making that sweet sweet music!

Thank you haha, i'll edit it. Yeah pretty soon we're gonna have the SteeMix 24/7. Keep trying to learn. Thanks for stopping by.

Oh that's true, I promised you some cool songs yeah.

lemme get my playlist set

Yessir, send that fire.

@soundwavesphoton ... You're so cool ♥ I love that you're doing this. And i'm so tickled to be snuggled in with all those fabulous names. ♥♥♥

You're the best. I'll be including all of your future track as well and I look forward to more cookies :)

Hey @soundwavesphoton, great list of contributors!

Hope you'll also share some music from some of the Steemians who've been sharing their music consistently on our show, too!

We've had some excellent contributions from @falseyedols & @elimence regularly!

Yes will talk to them fer sher, thanks for reminding me of their awesomeness.

Swoop I'm recording my band's album, but I'm paranoic as fuck cause I want it to sound awesome so it will take a while

Haha all good man, I know it'll be dope when it drops.

Maybe do some collaboration with the SMA community?

@seveaux and @d-live might be interested as being music channel peoples??

Yes I will def talk to them, thanks :)


@paradigmprospect , @sequentialvibe don't miss out on this opportunity!

Thanks man! Checking it out now.

@k0wsk1 I'm calling you! ;>)

I just figured out how to check my mentions, so thank you for reminding me of this lol!


What do you use for it?

My favorite tool for that - and much more - is the website
I use it all the time, also to check my voting power

C ya! :>)

@soundwavesphoton If you accept Salsa sung in Russian, I am the one...! :-D

Yes, we need way more salsa sung in Russian haha.

Great initiative. Congratulations!

Awesomeness Soundness!! :lovewaves:

Looks like a great initiative I would be honored to be part of! I tried the link for Discord and the invite was invalid. You have my permission to use my music. Enabling downloads on Dsound now!

Awesome thank you so much. Sorry about the link, try this one

Darn seems the link is still invalid :(

Damn it haha try this one:

Look for the MSP waves broadcast room, thats where the shows and music will be.

Discord seems to think I like a small stack of poop! LOL!

Damn what the hell haha, It's PALNET, I don't know why they won't work.

Love to see this! So many great opportunities for the community. @msp-waves is da best. Thanks for all you guys do :)

Thanks for the dope tracks and the cool Friday night show. #fractalon

Yeeeeaaaaaaaahhhh, I think an African flavour should be added to this fun. Will hit you up and send you my African flavoured tracks( English and Igbo language ). Lets get the floor busy!!!...nice one @soundwavesphoton

Yes, as long as you own the rights we can get them on the radio. We need way more African Flavor.

I am releasing my first conscious Hip-Hop album on the summer solstice (June 21st, 2018). I would gladly give you permission to use my tunes upon release. My music is free for everyone. You got my follow.

Perfect, I will definitely include your music. We needed more hip hop :)

Great. Are you on Discord?

Yes, same name on discord. I'd love to hear your hip-hop.

Discord link didn't work for me?!

I have one I just upload to #dsound yesterday. Feel free to use it if you like it is a edm song with no words, but hopefully tells a story none the less!!

Plus I am going to be starting to get back into this and soon to have more edm tracks and hip-hop tracks as well!

Sweet, I will include them on the SteeMix :)

Thank you.

RESPECT to @soundwavesphoton for working endlessly on making the SteeMix dope.

Oh my didnt I send? off to bed now but will see to it tomorrow 💚

Thank @yidneth, you're an angel.

Thanks for adding me to playlist, appreciated.

Your music is seriously amazing :)

Discord link is expired.

So,e dope stuff 4 ya to check out here:!/@rok-sivante

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