Wav-Legion teams up for a 4th official collaborative release with Pianist/Composer Therese Lefebvre - WILD

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wav-Dr. | Bonnie Legion | Therese Lefebvre


These are two of the most incredible artists to work with. wav-Dr. is
so adaptable to just about any feel and Therese brings in such a clear
powerful, emotive essence in her piano compositions and performances.
I am deeply honored to get to work with both of these amazing people.
The communications are sublime in putting something like this together
and the energy of all 3 of us is very lite and excited, we flow and
adapt together very well and this is really a unique find in music
collaboration. I love that a risk was taken with this piece to
expand it into a more full production, the instrumental work done by
wav-Dr. around the beautiful piano work from Therese is stunning vibe
blending. The beat work for this track was a change up from our other
collaborative works with Therese, and I think it really gave it that
full production feel, amping up a unique and beautiful blend. Hats off
big time wav-Dr. on the production and mix of this track, it sounds
fantastic. The video footage work sent to me from both Therese and
wav-Dr. was inspirational. We ran off the initial wild footage idea
from wav-Dr. running wild through the forest. Therese came in with
full spirit with her footage, sending along an amazingly pre-edited reel
of fantastic piano playing shots and her out in the beauty of the wild.
Some of her ending scenes where she is just flying on the keys gives
me absolute goosebumps. She rocked this visual up and down on those
keys. Powerful Therese! Thank you both for all your awesomeness
and all those coming in to listen and see this collaborative fusion

Original Song: Wild

Original Piano Composition/Pianist: Therese Lefèbvre

Guitar/Bass/Production/Mixing-Mastering: wav-Dr.

Singer-Songwriter: Shavon Bonnie Legion

Video Production: wav-Dr. , Bonnie Legion, Therese Lefèbvre

Video Edit: Bonnie Legion, Therese Lefèbvre

Final Edit: Bonnie Legion



Kings speak and all I hear is shadows

whispers so bleak out there in the meadow,

call my name remind me I'm awake here

wild like the wind

touches me like Shakespeare

ooo ooo ooo

it's alright to be wild

It's how I'll survive

All the clouds are coming

all the clouds

Rain down on my face

simple little remedy everything is heavenly

call my name from space

remind me of the melody

stars in the galaxy

ooo ooo ooo

it's alright to be wild

It's how I'll survive

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*Collaborative Fusion Music Project

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