BlockChain Music Takeover - Official Music Video - Choon Collaboration @wav-dr. @soundlegion - EXHALE

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I had to sit down and make an official post for the release of this brand new music video just hitting both Youtube and Dtube because I am just so excited about this whole new collaborative project.   Exhale is the 4th collaborative track release with @wav-dr.   I met @wav-dr on Choon and Twitter where we quickly began collaborating on some exciting new music.    This is fusion sound mixing electronic music with rock & pop.   

Our first collaborative release Heavy Weight hit very well among listeners picking up lots of encouragement and support from the blockchain music community.   An incredible remix by @nickyhavey showcased on @msp-waves and is due to be dropping anytime now.   With our second collaborative track Afraid of the dark, we dived into our first music video project and came out of it with great success.   The track won 1st place in Blockchain music contest with @d-vine @inthenow and @jeffleinwand.   We followed quickly with a more mild released called Zen Moment and are now here with you all today dropping the official music video for our 4th track Exhale.    

The video went live today live on @msp-waves radio.    The team on Spotlight the Artist on @msp-waves was great today and very encouraging.   You get a big boost of love after being apart of one of these shows, it can be very inspiring.  I want to thank everyone with Spotlight the Artist for all they are doing with Blockchain music support.  Great energy and amazing vibes. 

There were no samples or loops used in the creation of this track and all the footage in the music video is original. The edit was done by myself with Sony Vegas and cost us nothing.    This is a full on team work project and I cant wait to continue to show you guys the new tunes both myself and @wav-dr. come up with.    

I want to thank both my children who allowed me to use them in this video and also some friends of mine Robert Ryan and Martha.   Huge love to you guys, you did great ufo takeover faces.   


Wav-Dr. Feat. Bonnie Legion

Listen on Choon and help support our music! On Choon artists get paid per play. 

Listen to Heavy Weight

Listen to Afraid of the Dark

Listen to Zen Moment

Listen to Exhale

Watch the Music Video for Afraid of the Dark

Thanks for listening.   Please drop us a line and comment and let us know what you think.   If your liking this new sound, help us out by giving us share on social media and a like and resteem here on steem.    

Shavon Bonnie Legion


Yaaaay, it was such an honor & absolut pleasure having you on SOTA, thank you for coming & premiering your video 🎶💞
You @soundlegion & @wav-dr are such an extraordinary combo, so meant to be as your music shows.
Exhale is another banging tune & video!!!! ✊️🎶💕
Thank YOU for being such a beautiful soul Bonnie 🙏🥰

Hello my dear friend, @positivertag
At first take my loved and pray.I hope you are good and healthy.I want you to be happy forever.
At least your post always is good and nice. I loved you all post.Your recently post story is great and I like it very much. Your music always touching my heard

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