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Hello music artists and music fans on Steemit.    Today I wanted to share a great way to both discover new fresh original music and also to get your original music discovered and heard.    Online Radio is a powerful resource in every artists promotional bucket to getting music out there floating around in fresh ears.  

Two Incredible online stations I would like to talk about today are @msp-waves and Bushrod Music Radio.  


MSP Waves Radio is talk radio for the steemit community, with a focus toward, by and for, minnows of all sizes. 

MSP Waves Radio presents a variety of shows covering a myriad of topics.  All of the show hosts and hostesses are strictly volunteers, providing  their time and content to the listening community purely out of the  goodness of their little minnow hearts.  - Taken from the website Click Here

MSP-Waves Features shows such as - 

Spotlight the Artist with @d-vine  @onemedia & @darrenclaxton

Showcasing new talent in the blockchain music scene.  Fun interviews and listening parties that are a blast to be apart of.   

Steemit Musicians with @isaria @krystle and @shane

Bringing you new found talent right here on the steemit platform, showcasing openmic artists and various other musical talents. 

Songwriter Shop Talk with @meno

Bringing you exclusive interviews, getting in deep with artist trying to reach there unique stories in music out to the world. 

Bushrod Music Radio

BushrodMusic RADIO  Plays the Hits and Independent  Favorites  for the Discerning Tastes of Artists and Everyday Listeners Alike.  BushrodMusic RADIO is a NOBEX Partner and you can listen on Google Play

Bushrod is a huge supporter of independent music and artists.   You can submit directly to the station and if they are feeling your vibe they will put your music in rotation and tweet it out everytime your on.   

I recently did a small interview spot for Bushrod Music Radio who has been a huge supporter of my music @soundlegion Shavon Bonnie Legion .   You can listen to that quick interview here. 

Bushrod Interview with Shavon Bonnie Legion

Bushrod music radio is currently spinning fresh collaborative tracks with myself and @wav-dr.   You guys can tune in and hear some of the new material coming out of the Wav-Dr. and Sound Legion kitchen.   Wav-Dr. Feat. Bonnie Legion - Exhale -  Heavy Weight - Afraid of the Dark.  

Bushrod offers fantastic support in reaching to new ears with song plays on radio and also chances for interviews and plug shots to get your name out there.   

Make your song submission to [email protected] NOW and get independent artist air play for your music. 

Thanks for checking out this post guys be sure to tune into both @msp-waves radio to catch brand new artists on the Steemit Platform and in Blockchain music and also show some love and support for Bushrod music radio who is actively promoting independent artists.     Here @soundlegion Bonnie Legion music on both stations and Click here to check out more from my crazy world of sound. ;) 

Shavon Bonnie Legion 

*California multi genre singer songwriter and online collaborative and promotional music artist.  Creator of Sound Legion collaborative artist music house.  


yes! awesome! thanks for sharing! i have been on a couple shows on MSP and it is a lot of good fun, plius i find all kinds of good music there!!

Thank you so much @soundlegion for your support <3
I will definitely check out Bushrod Music Radio too <3

Very cool!!! I’ll pass this on👍🏾😊

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Hello dear friend @soundlegion
Realy excellent artist. I like your all music very much

I'll def check this out, thanks for sharing!

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