AMBIENCE: The Steemit Music Experience - A DSound Community Initiative

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AMBIENCE: The Steemit Music Experience - A DSound Community Initiative

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Ambience is "a feeling or mood associated with a particular place, person, or thing: atmosphere The restaurant's soft music and candlelight gave it a romantic ambience." Definition from Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

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About The Experience

AMBIENCE is a music and sound-based experience involving community members creating something with mindfulness. We will be experimenting with three distinct categories of submissions:

1. Relaxation and Meditation, 2. Work and Productivity, and 3. Sleep.

Though it may function like a contest, the intention is to create something to help one another in our everyday lives. By helping others we are also helping ourselves.

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I would like to announce the winners of this week!

@d-vine wins for Work and Productivity

@onemedia wins for Relaxation and Meditation

Submission Guidelines

Please review the submission guidelines prior to submitting your works to be aware of any potential changes each week.

  • Make a DSound track of ambience for one or all of the sub-categories.
  • Minimum track length is one minute.
  • Title of post should read: "AMBIENCE:" then, one of the following: "Relaxation and Meditation, Work and Productivity, and/or Sleep"
  • Use dsound and ambience in your post tags.
  • Comment on this post with a link to your submission.
  • Upvote and re-steem this post.

You may create a separate piece for submission for each individual sub-category, or you can submit one for all.

Tracks are chosen by @soundbath based on how well it fits one of the particular categories, and how well it is produced.

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A huge thank you @chiefmappster, @prc, DSound, and SMA for making this happen.

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Winner of Relaxation and Meditation: 4 SBD
Winner of Work and Productivity: 4 SBD
Winner of Sleep: 4SBD

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Steemians, Thank you for coming by to this post to either inquire, support, or purely practice curiosity. Any support we can get to help us and the community is much appreciated. The larger the support, the larger we are able to make the rewards and include more people.

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Dear @soundbath

@d-vine and I, @onemedia would love to have you on our MSPWaves Radio show as regularly as you would prefer. We'll reserve a slot for you to play one of your tunes, of course, and to promote AMBIENCE: The Steemit Music Experience whenever you can make it ...

We'd love to have this wonderful happening you put on get the attention it deserves, and our podcast could be the perfect showcase to allow it to reach critical mass and self-sustain ...

Yes, we do @soundbath!! <3
I am entering a song today btw :) & maybe another one tomorrow <3
Thank you for your effort & dedication to this community <3

Here is my entry for Work & Productivity:

Wow, thank you!

Once again I want to say how honored I am to win the 'Relaxation and meditation' contest category!!!

It was such a pleasure to participate, I am now formulating ideas for the next round. Of course I am also looking forward to hearing more from all the great talent that also participates in the Ambience contest!

Thank you, @soundbath , for this wonderful opportunity to participate in a 'group meditation session' ;-) immersed in ambient sound ! This one is intended to provide affirmation to those taking a new interest in plant-based diets ...

Entry for Sleep:

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