Share Your Music Sunday [community contest 1]

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Good Vibes on the Blockchain

Today is all about listening in on the sounds of crypto. Share your music with us, we want to listen in. For this contest, we're looking to curate music published on some of the world's leading decentralized platforms - DSound, Musicoin, and Choon.

  • DSound is a music sharing application where musicians can discover, upload, listen and reward music published on a decentralized network. ($STEEM)

  • Musicoin is the world's first smart blockchain for music. A digital currency designed for musicians to be paid directly and instantly, without intermediaries. ($MUSIC)

  • Choon is a revolutionary new music streaming community based on the blockchain. Sign up today, get paid tomorrow. ($NOTES)


Share Music! - For this contest we want to listen in on what you've published on the blockchain. Publish music on one of the three platforms (outlined above) and write a post about it. Share a Steem-link featuring your blockchain best in the comment section, below!

Upvote Rewards

Today, our curation team will browse the comment section of this post looking for creative and thoughtful favorites. What kinds of sounds did you publish this week? Share your Steem post-link in the comment section, below.

Please also include a short 1-2 sentence description of your discovery. Not just links ;)

  • First Place = 75% @sndbox upvote
  • Second Place = 50%
  • Third Place = 25%


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that's a great contest for our team @cityofstars , but what i would like to say is we are post in Dtube so we participate with a dtube video if it allowed :)

Song Name : MXNT x Moldavite x Julius Dreisig & Zeus X Crona - You Make x Invisible [COS Remix]


Peace ;)


This contest is mainly to promote and support music blockchain platforms (i.e audio only) great idea though for dtube.. it would be awesome if u upload the song to dsound and share the link with us here.

And if the song is all original sounds i.e. not a remix or non cleared samples in it u can also upload to Musicoin or Choon (or both) and share any of those links here 🎧✌️✌️


this music is remix not an original song that's why we don't upload on dsound


U can upload remixes on @Dsound that's one of the beauties of it just choose hashtag 'remix' from upload screen and site the original song in credits and you good to go 🎧🙌

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Well that is just some great information! Lol. I have been wondering about a good decentralized music platform. Thanks. Dsound looks to be like a Soundcloud but on Steem!!! This is a GAME CHANGER!!! I have been toying whether or not to create a Steem page for my music production company, think I just found my answer... Looks like Groove Logic is about to be coming to the blockchain!

Nice contest!

I would like to put my "Amnesia by Night" Playlist in as my entry.

A dark club set, with deep fundaments.


Congratulations @bifilarcoil Nie playlist! You've received the third place upvote this week.

Thanks for participating in the @dsound contest. Swing by our Discord and say hello


Thank you very much @djlethalskillz!
I'm on my way to discord, i hope my system can handle one more server. :-)



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this might interest you


thank you brother for pay my attention i already submitted our song that we want to participate with in the comments section of this post :)

what a beautiful initiative!
I congratulate you.


Congratulations @alfredmusici awesome music! You've received the first place upvote this week.

Thanks for participating in the @dsound contest. Swing by our Discord and say hello

Well I actually like all 3 platforms so I don't have a favourite, yet I always use DSound for Steemit! So here is my post for today, a song called Wind! :)

Heellooo to all @sndbox promoters! My latest musical crush is this song (and the band who composed it, "North Cape Lights"): .

This track comes packed full with energy, deep chorus, that inimitable British style rooting the band in Manchester o Liverpool... and they're from Italy! :-D It's another sign confirming that music is THE universal language (and the blockchain is its prophet ;-) ).

Interesting, friend.

Yeah ! Here is a fresh track, more and more resembling the music i want to make.!/@tymmesyde/20190204t075211413z-ynsis-ambient


It's my track called "UFO" that I would have probably never released without STeemit



Great track! Unfortunately there was no post on Steemit with the track so we can upvote it


Oh right I see so I gotta create a post? No worry!


Yes apologies for the non clarity upcoming announcement will include the rules for submission 🎧✌️✌️

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Aaaah, it's true that it's mentioned "(...)write a post about it", haha. I confess I thought a comment would be enough :-) I'd suggest adding in the contest instructions, for the following editions: "write a post about it (NOT a comment only!)" :-p


Salut Laurent :)


💯 noted! Hope to see more great music suggestions from you next week 🎧✌️✌️

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Thanks for this great contest. Here it is my contribution.
This is a Live recording in a little jazz club.

Save yourself

Save yourself from the fears,
save yourself from reality,
from the darkest words
that they go round
in the night you know



Congratulations @lorenzopistolesi Great Italian track! You've received the second place upvote this week.

Thanks for participating in the @dsound contest. Swing by our Discord and say hello

Didn't find out about this until today. @djlethalskillz any chance you could remind me next week so I can share with the ACR community? Cheers!

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A little late, I hope the entry is valid!

I was having some problems to upload.

Damn, I'm late. (edited)

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