Raabta _ Male cover by abhishek chatterjee _ Saif ali khan, Kareena kapoor _ 'Agent Vinod' _

in music •  5 months ago

Singing is my passion and i left my job just because i want to take it as a profession. And the best source to connect myself with you is steemit. As i'm a big fan of arijit singh( Bollywood Singer), so here i bring my first blog as well as cover song in steemit. I'm not a trained singer and still going through my learning phase so i aplogize for any kind of mistakes.
Do share your valueable comments below.

Also i would like to share my youtube link so that you can subscribe me in youtube also:

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Hi, great post, have followed you. What do you think of the current state of the Bitcoin market?


Thank you so much. Well, alot of good news like ETF and huge buy orders are lined up. So lets hope it breaks $6800 and reaches to next big resistance level of $10k.