Ever wanted to be a Fly in a Producer's Studio?

in music •  9 months ago


The year is 2006 and young Skill (that's high school me) starts making beats. His older brother introduces him to a beat making software called Reason.

Now my brother isn't the greatest of mentors or the most patient. His initial "mentorship programme" consisted of installing the software on the home computer and randomly interrupting my beginner beat-making process by adding some mind-boggling effect or trick to my novice beat.

Then it hit me... I must just sit next to this guy and watch him make beats. We didn't have internet back then for tutorials so I decided I must just watch him. The only issue was he was leaving for school in a city 300 kilometers away in few days time. So I sat through only one of his beat making sessions. So when it hit me, it just scraped me.

The process took a lot longer to grasp but eventually I was able to make beats I can be proud of.

So, would you like to be a fly in my studio for about a minute?

Here's a video of me making a beat from a bird's eye view. This one was inspired by a new Rack Extension that I recently got called Antidote by Synapse.

I hope you enjoy,

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