Shooting today finally.

in music •  4 months ago  (edited)

Its really been a long time since i posted my last video. But dont worry, im still here. :D

As i keep repeating myself so many times im going with something bolder this time that takes many times more effort, more work and more people are involved in this. How it will end up? Who can say.

The audio for the track is almost done. Have to do some short fixes today, rerecord a portion and then in the evening im shooting the video.

We the best looking place in Split, where you can shoot these videos but dont have to pay since its public ground.
Every Steemian that is from Split hear about Sustipan park.

Anyways, im sorry you guys have to wait so long for a video and i that im not posting as often. A week away from steem is like a year in real life. hehe.

Fingers crossed i dont mess up. First time acting. :)

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