Just a few photos from the video shoot.. :)

in music •  4 months ago 


I got a few photos today from the shoot of the video im making. These are basically cut from the video and arent edited yet. Just some brightness and saturation. The quality isnt top since its just sent from facebook. Compressed a lot.

Cant wait to see the final product. :D

I still have a few more shots to do. Will be waking up at 5 am to get some more shots in the morning. Will fit nicely with the theme of the song i think.

Super excited!!!

The first ever professional video i made. Yeey!

And the audio production by @beyonder is top notch. Havent yet heard the final version but i have the first draft and he made it sound epic like he usually does. hehe.
Completely different then the original track and i know im biased but his version sounds better. hehe. :D


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