Soundtrack of my life 57| Introspection

in #musiclast year (edited)

Ressurecting my old blog from years ago with this random post. Mainly because I've now found diferent music that I can share, other than 80's 90's rock, blues Rock or classic blues artists. ehehe My ears have evolved finally, not literally, they are quite small.

I really needed to share this one. A masterpiece from Mr. Greg Howe, "Introspection" from 1993.

What really catchs my ear in this album is the positive vibe, not so present in fusion music, or any other more technical style. Alot of garble and running down scales, little feeling, inovation, meaning, presence, You can find alot of this out there.
Instrospection is eloquent and expressive, pleasing and confident. It stays valid after all this years, a reference in guitar playing.
Introspection is inspiration.

resteem if you have found this interesting, help me out