Good Vibes (prod. Boyfifty)

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This is the last song on "Something i Need." This one is called "Good Vibes." I'm just trying to spread good vibes and have a good time.

Let me know what you think!

Fan art by @Charisma777

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Pretty chill sound, I can see a nice little smoke session with blacklights🎵🔮 Keep spreadin those GOOD VIBES😉


Haha yeah exactly! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks so much for always checking out my stuff :)


I enjoy listening to new music and can appreciate where you're coming from within your lyrics! You're talented and deserve credit due!


Thanks so much for your kind words :)

I liked it.


Hey, thanks :)

Yeah, feel good vibe on this one, sweet melody there scottychams


Thanks! I rarely try to do melodies so I was really happy with this