Fake Love (prod. Josh Petruccio)

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This is the second last song off the EP "Something i Need." Hope you enjoy it!

Today you are much more likely to be in a relationship based around fake love and infatuation or a sex driven passion rather than something closer to real love.

Fan art by @Charisma777

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Unfortunately, in such a disposable society there are more fake relationships than real!!! finding something real is a treasure you should hold dear!!!


Absolutely, it's unfortunate, but true. Maybe it just makes the real one that much more important.


More than likely once true LOVE is discovered nothing else compares, or so I'm told😊 I suppose once I discover it myself I will let you know lol😊 Hope all is well in your world!


Haha yeah same. Everything is great, thanks so much! You're awesome 😊

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