Passionfruit | Drake | Acoustic Cover

in music •  8 months ago

Been loving Drake's new album recently. So I decided to throw it back to one of my favorite songs of his " Passionfruit" someone requested I did this song and I love the way it came out. Please leave more song suggestions in the comments!! Love you guys



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nice songs....
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I think you are more beautiful as compare to your song

Wow!!! What a Voice!!!!!
Thank You for Sharing 💖

@savannahvan since how long have you been practicing guitar?

Great song and great voice.

wow Nice...
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thank you....

nice... loving song

fantastic voice, such a very good song

Nice Song & lyrics......
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Excellent skill, keep on rocking and try for new songs

Can you do "Here" by Alessia Cara?


i m not understand

tôi rất thích bài viết này, nó rất là hay và ý nghĩa, bạn hãy viết thêm nhiều bài nưa nhé

hot fire girl

savannahjae keep rocking.

You have got amazing skills. keep it up!

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Pooooo really super cool ! good job !

Beautifull song my girl.

Excellent skill ,sounding good there,. I like your activities ,I would not mind if you sing naked,amazing video

music is life, agree?

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You do have very beautiful voice ..
Nd i like the lyrics ..
Is this originals ??

Your presence makes song More beautiful.20180710_111212_0001.png

well don


i would love to see a cover of major lazer, like "together" or "get free", cant stop listening to these son recently <3

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Fantastic work this one, kudos

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Hey man pretty good! loving the chord progression. Keep it up, thinking about making my cover songs myself but is DTube the only steemit platform to use? Anyways nice cover!

Beautifully made singer

hi guys can you tell me the name of similar insrumement which is very popular in india?

I would not mind if you sing naked

such a heart touching voice

hi madem please upload a song by sing you we want to listen your song here thank you

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Beauty full voice never hear that.

The more beautiful you are, your voice is also beautiful....

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Awesome ...really love it

a lover of songs will have some sort of energy to try to conquer any song he encounters or hears. I like your activities and I give my vote. hopefully more creative


Good post

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beautiful song great voice as well..

amazing video

music is life, agree?

savannahvan,which is your feavourit song ?

Excellent creativity

Great sound. I'd like best Guitar. Keep it up!!

Nice video with good sound

Wow 👍 Thanks @savannahvan

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Nyc voice

nice song dear

@savannahvan me also very much passionate about Music. Music can do many things

nice, the interesting one

You are simply amazing in every way! Keep doing what you are doing!

nice song it

You've got talent. Congrats for this cover of the song.

"Don't pick up the pieces, just leave them for now." Yeah, agreed, sometimes, you gotta stay focus and keep going.

Nice savannah like always, visit my channel from venezuela whit love.

Nice! Song 👍

Beautiful + I'm a very big fan of drake. please follow me and upvote my posts too

I love your acoustic covers and I wish you the best!
Earnings are well deserved


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Can you upload here few songs from
Micheal Jackson

very nice song.keep singing

i love music
i love guitar
i love acoustic


sometimes cover songs are greater than original.

I will fall in love with beautiful songs, beautiful passion, and beautiful features.

Good one.

hello savannahvan madam,In the Dracula album, which is her favorite song, PassionFruit is very good and touching the heart.i like it.please help me .

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