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Redbone is one of the greatest songs of the past couple years! I am loving Childish Gambino as an artist right now. This is my acoustic cover of Redbone! Enjoy!



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Wow awesome !!!!!

Beautiful song sis. Kisses😘

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lot of talent!

I am Heard...
And good song

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Hello man this song is so interesting and this song is teaching my heart

Nice cover <3

Hmmm i have buy one word...... "NOICE!"

fantastic acoustic cover savannahvan..keep it up.we want more

yeah it is , attractive and lovey voice

I am search this and really it is good song....

super duper

I recently found an appreciation for Childish Gambino, and this is my favorite song of his. You are super talented; I thoroughly enjoyed this.

you're so beautiful and your performance is perfect!

Awesome song

Ugh you are so freakin stunning!!! Love your performance too lady <3

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wow... i like your cover girl... kiss from Venezuela for rou work.

Not a great fan of covers, but you killllled it! :)
Love the song you selected... " stay woke.." are the lyrics, right?
Beautiful song, beautiful woman.
Thanks for the quality & skillz.
1 Love, Savannah

Great voice

nice post pic

natural talent

@savannahvan it's a beautifull song. You are really good in this platform everyone surely very excited to listning your song and also they are all really entertained like me.

I think you are right

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Pheew, goose bumps.

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Wow what talent I would like to play the violin with you would be a great honor greetings

Very nice Song

Nicely done! You got talent.

this nice post sir

you got so much talent try to some big concerts

i like this song. very well


strong sing a song tanks. special voice tanks. go on..

I just listen this song first time, really it's awesome songs.
Thanks to you i listen that through you,otherwise i missed that opportunity.

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You are so talented. I thought you might be good but wow! Raw and powerful. Love your emotion!

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww your voice !!!!! omg

I love your version of this as well! Sounds solid! :)
I can feel you putting your soul behind the music, that makes it wonderful!

Keep up the great work!

Great cover. The recording quality is incredible for recording outside.

Ayyyyy one of my favourite songs!!! Dope!

nice music

you do have a powerful voice ^^

Wow your voice gave me goosebumps!!! You're awesome!

Awesome baby love you

oh really

What a great guitar solo. Did anyone notice that when one of the dudes playing the piano got up to play the bass, the other dude played his part on the piano. Pretty sick.