Black Heart, By Chad Jordan

in music •  10 months ago 

~ Written, Engineered and Performed by Chad Jordan (Posted with permission)

Black Heart is the first song in an EP Chad is going to be recording over the next year.

This EP and other songs are available @

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"I turn away
I can't look at your now
I won't make the same mistakes
That's why I'm keeping you out

So don't tell me that you're better now than before
When I all that I see is your black heart
I'm not spending my energy
On something I already defeated long ago

I remember how those days taste
Blood inside my mouth
and all of those signs saying
Telling me to get out
I was just too afraid to believe in the truth
Those empty years
I gave them all to you

So I'm taking those days
and I'm pushing it down
Until all that remains
is an empty shell

but I tell myself that's better now than before
As long as I silence your black heart
and I burn those memories
Now what you were to me is gone

I remember how those days felt
Crawling in my skin
Like a spider and it won't let me in
to get at those cobwebs surrounding my bones
Hush little spider, be gone"

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Hi sarahjordan,

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Thank you so much! I know Chad will be thrilled @curie

His voice is so amazing
Got me drooling for a bit.
Beautiful music.

Thanks! Chad is quite drool worthy.

Cool to know

Hi Sarah!
Thanks for sharing music video with lyrics.
Its kinda hurting but I guess its mind over heart.
Loving for a reason, a reason to love?
We can't just love, we have to think before we love right or wrong?

Great points Ronel. As Antoine St. Exupery said, "it is only with the heart that one can see rightly."

I guess its some kinda debate still is going on, on the heart and mind as I could see it. Most ladies are emotional and they always have the heart as their guide so to speak. And most men tend to reason out anything and everything under or over a thing.

This is a beautiful sad song.. the music is great, the lyrics very good and his voice special :) I will make sure to check his facebook account.

It sounds like the song was inspired by real life. I hope that his pain is gone already :)

Thank you for sharing!

My pleasure. Thanks for the sweet compliments. Chad is so talented I just had to share!

A melancholic song sang with feelings from the soul. I closed my eyes while listening. Chad did great from the composition to performance! I wonder if the song is purely imaginative or based on real life experience?

Thanks so much @macoolette Chad says the song is not about him. I sure hope not! We're married, so I know it's not about me :)

Oh, hahaha! I am sure it can not be with a gorgeous woman like you. 😊

He must have a very good and creative imagination to have come up with the song then. That's what artists are! 😊

a song full of pain, I hope it was only a passing moment in your life that inspired the lyrics. I liked the music and the voice was very pleasant for me, congratulations.

Thanks so much. Chad said this song was not about him, but he sure knows how to tap into universal pain. All the best <3

Chad is a very good singer-songwriter. His voice has something that makes him peculiar and great.

That's the best. I like the concept of composition and the cool atmosphere.

Congratulations Sarah and Chad for this!