What is being a music fan?

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Being a music fan is living music every second of your life, being a fan of music is enjoying it, being a fan of music is showing the world that music is life, passion, love, hope and much more, normally we always have a song, a singer or a music group especially in my case and although I love all the music in general there is a song that marked my life since with it I took the first step to conquer my wife Kattyusca Rodriguez that song is I Love You by Franco De Vita Romantic Music Singer.


Here I will leave a video where they translate the lyrics of this beautiful song into English.


The impact of music in my life is so powerful that thanks to it you can find the love of your life, thanks to it I was able to take the first step to surprise you and make you fall in love. This was just the beginning of many songs that I have been dedicating to you. my wife and with whom every day I fall in love more.

For this and many more things, I say and I repeat that being a music fan is to live music every second, every moment, with music you can enjoy, you can laugh, you can cry, you can dance, you can make them reach you love, music is everything, you just have to enjoy it, there is nothing more passionate in the world than music, so I will never stop loving music, I will never stop being a fan of it.


For some it may seem excessive what I write, but if we notice there will always be a song, an artist or some group with whom we fully identify, there are songs that you identify with, because at some point in your life I have something similar to what the lyrics of the song say, there are some who identify with a specific artist for many reasons, maybe because of the type of music that he sings, or because he is the prototype of man or woman that you want in your life, music is a very broad repertoire from which we can choose, in my case I love music in its entirety, that's why I can say I'm a music fan since I live music, I love music and if I analyze my life I can make a song about everything I've lived.

How I started to conquer my wife is just a beginning of everything that is my life and how music has influenced her, that's why I wonder what it is like to be a music fan? to which I self-answer all this is to be a music fan, to live music in every moment of your life is to be a music fan.

Here another song of the many that I dedicate every day to my wife will place her in the two versions in Spanish and in English.


In both languages he loves this song especially because I was the one who dedicated it to him and also singing.


This is the original version in English, the truth in English or Spanish this song is beautiful and with which I am sure many have been identified, especially all those people in love.

Being a fan of music is being in love with her and loving your loved ones with her, music is part of your day to day, your life, if you love music you love life for that, and many other things I am a fan of music, and you're a music fan?



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