Wagon Wheel Cover LIVE by Cumberland Run

in music •  last year

Hey Steemians! This is my first post of music from my country band, Cumberland Run. This was when I first joined the band (around two years ago) and we wanted to get some footage of me participating for the first time. The quality isn't perfect, but I think we do a decent job:) I'm posting this first so that I can continue posting videos of this band as they have happened, chronologically. This way I hope to show Steem viewers the progression of our sound as a band. Keep looking for my posts of this band as well as my other musical endeavors.
The song "Wagon Wheel" was originally a poem by Bob Dylan that was set to music recently by the band Old Crow Medicine Show, and then also popularly released by Darius Rucker. Enjoy our rendition:)

I'm the hippie down front with the crazy red shirt haha


Here's the video

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You guys are amazing. Makes me feel like I am back home in Arkansas...😎


Thank you so much :) We have fun. That's good to hear that we bring you back to your Country Home!


I bet you do have fun.

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