"Think a Little Less" Cover by Cumberland Run

in music •  10 months ago

This video is Cumberland Run doing a cover of "Think a Little Less (Kiss a Little More)" by Michael Ray. The song was released about 13 months ago, and we actually had multiple show-goers and Youtube visitors of ours request it, which is rare. So, we decided to give it a shot 11 months ago. This was recorded on the front porch of Alex's (lead singer) Grandparents' house on a beautiful lake in Mississippi, on a beautiful day. Such a beautiful scene was created with the wood of the floor, and the white paint all around us.
The mix of this track is slightly disappointing...not enough guitar, and a little too much vocal, etc...but if you can look past the sound, we do a great job experimenting with the song. We added a fun instrumental section in the middle to keep things interesting, and like the last track I showed you Steemians, we did our best to "musicianify" this modern country radio track. Enjoy, Upvote, and Resteem:)

Cumberland Run


Enjoy "Think a Little Less" by Cumberland Run

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This written by the lead guitar player:

The mix of this track is slightly disappointing...not enough guitar, and a little too much vocal, etc...

Seriously you are modest. This is a great recording for someone's back porch.

My wife is beginning to follow the lyrics.


Thanks so much:) I'm glad you've enjoyed and are impressed! Thanks for your support always @mineopoly

"Think a Little Less"
Good Music!

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AWESOME SELFIES 👍 have a great day!


I don't know if these qualify as Selfies, but thank you @viktoriyani, I'm glad you enjoyed:) You have a great day as well!

thank you for challenging me more.

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You are welcome! I believe we all deserve to challenge and be challenged. Thank you for involving me, but I'm curious, what is this 30 day tag challenge? I don't know if I even understand what it means to be "tagged" on here LOL