"Jammin' Machine 3" Experimental Jam with @rusty-jernigan

in music •  11 months ago

This is another excerpt from the January jam session with Rusty Jernigan. This one is also especially goofy, and I would almost call it ADHD because of how many huge musical switches there are. It's definitely influenced by the THC coursing through our blood streams LOL. It starts with a very slow groove, laid down by Rusty and his machine, and myself experimenting with the notes of "Portrait of Tracy" by Jaco Pastorious (self-proclaimed father of solo bass guitar). Then I morph it into some comedic country music, with of course a slightly reggae transition. Another long musical post that is best for background noise during your Steeming.

Enjoy "Jammin' Machine 3"


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This melody is hard on me.
I feel difficult because I have low musical understanding.


This is a tough melody to process. I remember when it was hard on me too. If I were you, I would look up the original recording and listen to it as many times as you have to in order to be able to sing it. Be able to sing the bass notes as well. That's what I had to do. Understanding will come, I promise. The best part is it will make your ear grow (not literally hahahaha) and you will have less trouble processing other strange "art music" I'll call it (because it's definitely not commercial music), and maybe even have more fire to seek it out and listen for fun. Jaco Pastorious is a great artist to start with on that front. Good luck, and keep loving music...it's one of the only things we have in the end.


Thank you.
I'll try