"Jammin' Machine 2" Experimental Jam with @rusty-jernigan

in music •  last year  (edited)

This is a continuation of my most recent post of music with Rusty. This one is slightly less eventful, but there is still some cool moments. As you have seen recently on his blog, @rusty-jernigan has been getting very good with his beat machines, and this recording is a proof to show just how much he has progressed in the past three months (that's about when this was recorded). Just listen to his most recent posts to see that progression. I had just as much fun in this moment as any of our others, and we only paused because I was getting a phone call that I had to answer. Enjoy this beat that makes you shake your hips and bob your head in the background of your Steeming!

@rusty-jernigan(left) and @samvan(right)


Enjoy "Jammin' Machine 2"

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I listened to music well.


Thanks! I hope you enjoyed