Ambient Experiment

in music •  9 months ago

This was a fun one! The drummer in this track, Pino Squillace, besides being a great drummer, is a great producer. He has an artist client from Australia that sends him requests for tracks, along with some examples from other artists to support her vision. She said she wanted a track to write lyrics for with a rock drum part, and lots of ambient guitar. The examples she gave us were mostly dubstep intrumentals, so my gears started turning very abstractly as I created the drone, and also the supporting parts. This track is only guitar and drums, but will soon have bass as well. We had fun with effect pedals, so enjoy this rough cut of "Ambient Experiment."


P.S. Sorry for the long wait! I've been gigging hard, which isn't complainable, besides the fact that I haven't gotten to share anything on my Steemit blog.

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It's been a while.
I like the melody.


Thanks, I can't wait to hear the melodies and words she creates to fill this song. I will be posting that if I get access to the final version!

Great track👌👌


Thanks. Glad you enjoyed!

awesome blog sir..


Thank you:) I try to keep it high quality!

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